Pretty Halloween Witch Colouring Page – Free Printable!

Halloween Colouring Page.jpgI feel like we seem to enjoy Halloween on this site – we’ve managed a new Halloween colouring page almost every year!

My teen daughter created this colouring page just this weekend and she’s very excited to share it with you all. We hope you enjoy!!! You can download and print this page by clicking here –> DOWNLOAD: Witch Halloween Colouring Page

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My Little Mini Goat – New Colouring Page!

10 year old Deirdre had her Mom contact us last week asking if she would be allowed to contribute a new free colouring page to our site. (Her Mom said that she waited with bated breath to hear back from us. :) ) Obviously we LOVED this idea so we are excited to share Deirdre’s new free printable page with you today! Deidre's Goat_Small


GREAT job Deirdre – thanks so much for sending this to us! xo

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Do You Have A Teen Who Loves to Write? Ten Writing Tips for Teens

My teenage daughter loves to write! She spends every spare moment buried inside her little notebook creating character sketches, writing scenes and working out new story scenarios. She’s a good little writer and I’m always encouraging her to continue. The other day I came across this little graphic with 10 writing tips for teens. We both found these tips quite useful so we wanted to share – hope you are all having a lovely week. :)2c1a971e3771798e64f26a58e83db96d

NEW free Fairy Colouring Page

Wow! It’s been a month since our last post… whoops! Time just flies. We’ll try to make it up to you in the next little while, starting today with a NEW free colouring page! Happy spring everyone!!!

DOWNLOAD –> Pretty Fairy Colouring PageFairy_2.jpgDon’t miss out on our other –> FREE COLOURING PAGES <– as well!


Colouring Book Promo! Free Gift!!!

For the month of March 2014, Whimsical Publishing will be giving away one free pendant necklace with the sale of each colouring book. Our colouring books are available to purchase online through Etsy and (The Horse Colouring Book will include a horse necklace and the Dragon Colouring Book will include a dragon necklace.) You can check out more about our books by clicking HERE!!!PostBanner_SmallSneakPeek2 HorseCover_Complete

New FREE Colouring Page!

Hey Whimsical Fans it’s me, Hannah!! … I haven’t been here for awhile …

I was inspired by my Mom’s (Micheline) and Hayden’s Horse and Dragon colouring books, and decided to mix the two!

It’s rather like a pegasus… but without feathery wings… Meet… *drumroll* The Dragon Horse!! I drew her for ya’ll as a free printable colouring page! :) Hope you like it!

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DragonHorse.jpgDOWNLOAD: Dragon Horse

Fairy Colouring Book – Coming this Year!

Whimsical Publishing is SOOOOOO excited to announce one of the two new colouring books that we plan to release in 2014 >>> WHIMSICAL’S WORLD OF FAIRIES!

Merry, magical and sometimes mischievous; from Disney’s iconic Tinker Bell to fairy books, dolls and costumes, these tiny, winged fantasies we call fairy, fay, sprite and brownie continue to capture our hearts and dare us to dream.

The book will include a collection of beautifully hand-crafted drawings that are sure to inspire both the young and young-at-heart. Talented artists Micheline Ryckman and Hayden Wolf will also include a step-by-step guide for budding artists and fairy enthusiasts alike to create and colour their own tiny, winged, fairy visions.

To whet your appetite more we have included a sneak peek at one of the colouring pages from this upcoming book and to inspire you even further Micheline spent some time colouring it.

Fairy_2.jpg Fairy_2.jpgStay tuned for the release date announcement and for details about the secound book we are planning this year!

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Colouring is for Grown-ups too!

I was rather spoiled this Christmas – my loving husband splurged and bought me a beautiful new Wacom drawing tablet for my computer. I finally had the chance to sit down and play around with it yesterday. I’m certainly not an expert yet but I do plan to use this lovely gift for many future Whimsical books.

For my first try at the tablet I couldn’t resist working on a page from one of our colouring books. (We are never too old to colour! ;) )


Click Image to Enlarge

All of us at Whimsical really hope that you had an amazing holiday season and we want to send out a HUGE THANK-YOU for supporting us in 2013!!! Please stick with us because Whimsical is looking forward to a productive fun filled year in 2014!