Coloring Page Examples & Coloring Ideas

My daughter, Hannah has been working hard to colour some of the pages I have created. They will be used as colouring examples/ideas for the individual pages we sell in our Etsy shop. This past week she completed these two pages for me. I think she’s got quite an eye for colour! Thank-you Hannah – such an amazing colouring job!!! If you are interested in seeing more of Hannah’s art and colouring work join her on Instagram –> @icandrawiswear!

IMG_1841_Small IMG_1876_Small

Sunflower and Victorian Style Colouring Pages

I love sunflowers – always have. No matter what they pop up in my art all the time. I’ve also got a thing for history as well so I could resist creating this 19th century Garden lady as well.  These two took a bit of time to complete but I’m glad I finished them. Both of these coloring pages are available to purchase in out Etsy shop!
VictorianGardenLady Sunflowers

The Process of Learning Digital Painting

Digital Art is a very new realm for me and I’m only a beginner. However, I’m working hard to teach myself this skill because I think it would be a fun and beautiful way to illustrate another children’s book one day. Attached here are a couple practice illustrations I worked on over the weekend. I’m discovering new techniques and slowly improving.

Read and see more here on my Mish Mash Art blog –> The Process of Learning Digital Painting

Wildlife and Nature Coloring Pages

As promised I’m continuing to work on more wildlife and nature coloring pages to add to our Etsy shop! I was inspired to do this page by my husband’s love of all things with antlers; elk, whitetail, mule deer… etc. (Although he’d likely tell me I didn’t quite get the antlers right in this one. ;) ) I realize these new nature pages are still created in a very illustrative style but I am trying to give them slightly “realistic” bend. If you ever feel inclined to comment below let me know your thoughts on this new nature/wildlife series of pages. BuckColouringPage_small

Family Colouring Fun

I can’t design all these new colouring pages and then never colour any of them myself! ;) Here are some colouring examples of a few of our pages – my daughter, Hannah and I had fun colouring these together over the weekend. We both lean towards colouring pages with people in them, however I am building up quite a bit of landscape, animal and nature pages in our Etsy shop as well. (We’ll have to try some of those next!) IMG_0557 IMG_0555IMG_0549

Nature and Wildlife Colouring Pages – Owls

I want to start creating more nature/wildlife colouring pages. I did do one with some deer and an eagle recently but thought I’d try my hand at an owl this past week. I see a lot of owl colouring pages out there, they are usually more decorative and stylized in design (which is beautiful too) but I tried hard with this one to make it feel somewhat more “realistic”. Hoping to create some more wildlife/nature designs soon. Owl_ColouringPage_Small

This page is now available in our Etsy shop!