Illustration Practice

Shared this first on my Mish Mash Art blog but thought you might enjoy seeing it here as well. Was feeling a little under the weather last week so to pass the hours on the couch I did some illustration practice. Still working on finding my own true, comfortable illustration style and medium. Hope you are all having a lovely summer weekend!
ArrivalofSpring_Small Belle_Small

A Little More Fairy Tale Illustration Fun!

I posted this first on my Mish Mash Art blog but thought it might be fun to show you here as well. It’s a bit more Fairy Tale fun with my daughter -this Merida drawing is a little collaboration we did together this past week – muchos family fun!
My daughter Hannah has also started her very own little art business adventure on Etsy – if you are interested in Anime/Manga you should really check it out –> I CAN DRAW I SWEAR!IMG_9145_Small_MishMash