Quick as a Wink

I, (Micheline), am currently doing a weekly photo challenge on my other blog, Mish Mash and I couldn’t help sharing my first photo challenge here as well.

All that kept coming to mind for “Quick as a Wink”, was a hummingbird. The correlation is obvious but sadly it’s not hummingbird season… Hmmmm… How do I photograph a hummingbird in wintertime?

Well, I make my own hummingbird of course!

I have seen paper theatre photo illustrations done before and I have always wanted to give it a go myself. So I created each individual illustration with a hummingbird as my main character and then photographed my mini-theatre scene. I actually think that this kind of photo illustration could be fun for a children’s book one day. However, it’s not as easy as it looks – I have a LOT more to learn about this craft before I’m able to illustrate an entire book!20131111-IMG_1656_Small 20131111-IMG_1641_Small 20131111-IMG_1611_SmallFor those folks out there who are curious about how I did these photographs, please check out the pics of my mini theatre below >>>20131111-IMG_1605_Small 20131111-IMG_1601_Small 20131111-IMG_1598_Small 20131111-IMG_1596_Small20131111-IMG_1613_Small

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