Support Human Artists

With illegal AI technology advancing so rapidly that laws struggle to keep up, it will grow ever harder for artists of all kinds, especially visual artists, to build clientele and keep their businesses afloat.
For those who may not be familiar with Whismical, or myself, my name is Micheline Ryckman, owner, author, and illustrator of Whimsical Publishing & Illustration. I am a chronically ill and disabled artist who cannot work away from home. I rely on art commissions and the sales from my shop to survive and help support my family, so I feel the serious implications and threat that illegal AI image generators pose to real life artists. And I want to do what I can to help. (I also get a lot of requests from people asking me for artists referrals, and this database is perfect for that too.)

In light of all this, I created this database where artists can apply to share their talents and shops, and where ethical clients/customers, who don’t want a machine made art, can go to support and hire human artists .

If you are a visual artist who does NOT use AI technology, and you’d like to be featured here and added to this database: PLEASE APPLY HERE!

If you’d just like to discover an artist to support or hire, welcome! Please scroll down! (New artists will be added as they are submitted, so remember to check back on a regular basis.)



Abigail Sins Art

Art style: Realism/semi-realism with dark fantasy vibes.
Specializes in: Portraits, original- and book characters, character design.


By Alessia Shop 

Art style: Comic mixed with semi-realism.
Specializes in: Book inspired characters, girls, guys, couples. 


Alexandra Castle Art

Art style: Point and line art.
Specializes in: Conceptual animals, figures, and objects.

Alicia MB Art

Art style: Semi realism/realism.
Specializes in: Fantasy, character portraits, dust jackets, illustrative designs and patterns. 


Amanda Roberts

Art style: Semi-realistic, illustrative, romantic, soft and dreamy. Specializes in: Fantasy and character art.



Art style: Semi-realistic
Specializes in: Character art.


Art by Kaz

Art style: Semi-realism.
Specializes in: Character art, character design. 


Artem Mortis Art

Art style: Cartoonish, semi-realistic.
Specializes in: Digital art, character design, fantasy, and sci-fi



Arya the Alchemist

Art style: Illustrative/anime, realism, and conceptual.
Specializes in: Figures, anime characters, landscapes, flowers, hands.


Chey’s Author Services / Dancing Bardess Designs

Art style: Cover Design, Photo Manipulation,

Typography, Object-Based
Specializes in: Book cover design, preorder goodies design


Chicklen Doodle

Art style: Semi realistic fantasy art.
Specializes in: Cover book, character art, character design, magic, medieval themed drawing. 


C.J Roxx

Art style: Semi realistic fantasy digital art.
Specializes in: Fantasy portraits and character design.


Covers By Violet

Art style: Fantasically varied, inspired by nature.
Specializes in: Book cover design and art, map illustration.



Art style: Semi-realism
Specializes in: Character art.


Crown Of Night Art

Art Style: Semi-realism.
Specializes in: Fictional characters and couples, usually with fantasy elements, as well as animals/mythical creatures and environmental backgrounds.


Diamonata Art 

Art Style: Painterly realism.
Specializes in: Fantasy characters.


Ellie of Frell

Art style: Stylized semi-realism
Specializes in: Book covers, character portraits and design, & historical dress.



Elsa Pedrosa

Art style: Stylized realism mixed with cartoon.
Specializes in: Fantasy, romance, prefer to compose scenes but can also do character drawings/portraits.


Emily Barksdale Art

YogaReyFinal.JPGArt style: Digital watercolor, pop-y, fun and story based.
Specializes in: Folklore, Pop Culture, Period Piece, Romance.


Giulia F. Wille Arts

Art style: Fantastical stylized semi-realism.
Specializes in: Fantasy and storytelling.


Isabella-Rose Arts

Art style: Stylized Semi-Realism.
Specializes in: Character design and illustration.



Jenna Guidi Illustration

Art style: Semi realism and stylized digital paintings.
Specializes in: Children’s books, book covers, romance.


Jodi Creates

Art style: Illustrative realism.
Specializes in: Fantasy and smut.


Josh Sanders

Art style: More realism but can do cartoon as well.
Specializes in: Strong suit is Character art. Characters, books,pop culture, real. I also make custom funko pops of characters.



Karolina Milarska

Art style: Realism/semi-realism/impressionism
Specializes in: Portraits and humans in general, landscapes, illustrations.


Kimcarlika Art / Carmen.dmdesign

Art style: Celestial.
Specializes in: Digital Watercolor Portraits, Quotes, and other Illustrations.


Klara Yolenta

Art style: Semi realism.
Specializes in: Character art, illustration with background, fantasy character (dnd). 


Lauren Boyle Art & Illustration

Art style: Dark fairytale-esque, traditionally rendered and lots of linework.
Specializes in: Portraits and botanicals. 


Lauren Glenn Art

Art style: Fantasy inspired, stylized semi-realism. Influenced by the art of Disney and Dreamworks.
Specializes in: Fantasy based characters and fan art. 



Art style: Semi-realism.
Specializes in: Book character artist.



Art style: Cartoonish
Specializes in: Fantasy and gothic



Lunar Exile Arts

Art style: Realistic to a quasi-cartoony but usually fantastical.
Specializes in: Dark, morbid and creepy, but also sometimes a fun brightly-colored morbid and creepy. Graphic design. 


Maria Selto’s Art

Art style: Concept art and high realism.
Specializes in: Portraits and mythical creatures.


Meaghan Draws

Art style: Semi-realistic, illustrative.
Specializes in: Fantasy and character art.


Merle Made Tales

Mystical Moon Night Owl Card image 6Art style: Traditional watercolour referencing fairytale, myth and literature.
Specializes in: Myth, magic, fairytales and fantasy.


Paige Coffer Illustration

Art style: Semi-realistic/stylized.
Specializes in: Book covers, character art, portraits, fantasy art, and comic work.


Reyna Rochin

Art style: Stylized realism.
Specializes in:
Fantasy and sci-fi, bookish art, book covers, human characters, objects/props/decorative elements, game art. 

Romannaboch/Kseniya Bocharova  

Art style: Digital realism.
Specializes in: Book characters, book covers, fanart.




Art style: Semi-realism.
Specializes in: Fantasy, romance, mythology, and portraits.



Stain art

Art style: Realism and semi-realism.
Specializes in: Human figure.



Art style: Stylized realism.
Specializes in: Fantasy and character art.


The Art of Neferum

Art style: Fantasy/sci-fi
Specializes in: Fantasy, mystical, magical & spiritual


The Art of Vivien Gintner

Art style: Semi realism, fantasy.
Specializes in: Character art, Book covers. 


Therena C. Art & Photography

Dragon skull tiny file.jpgArt style: Fantasy / painterly / dark / emotive character art as well as dark fantasy photography & NSFW character art.
Specializes in: People and dragons.



Art Style: Anime
Specializes in: Character art, character concepts, and chibies.



Art style: Semi realistic.
Specializes in: Portraits, Character art, landscape art.


Yas’ Art Page

Art style: Semi-realistic
Specializes in: Bookish inspired art mainly for (indie) romance books.