A Daughter of the Trolls


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This listing is for a 5.5” X 8.5” high-quality paperback, print-cased hardcover, or Whimsical exclusive dust-jacketed hardcover book of the YA fantasy adventure novel, A Daughter of the Trolls. You can read the first two chapters for free HERE.

Due to McKenzie’s disabilities, signed bookplates are LIMITED and once gone, books will be sent with a stamped signature on the title page.



Are you afraid of the bogeyman?

Eighteen-year-old Sparrow can’t remember a time when she wasn’t. And neither can her mother—or the trolls, imps, gnomes, and faeries who all live in the Glade and call it home. Though Sparrow’s weak heart keeps her wheelchair bound, she and her mother have dedicated their lives to protecting the Glade, especially from the worst bogeyman of them all: the skin-stealing, poison-ingesting witch called Black Annis.

But one night, Sparrow makes a terrible mistake, and everything she once held dear is taken from her. The Glade is no longer a sanctuary, and the only way Sparrow can save her mother and her friends is to journey out into a monster-ridden world that wasn’t made for her or her wheelchair. Joined by her half-goblin friend, Rush, Sparrow will have to confront her fears before the ones they love are lost forever.

A Daughter of the Trolls will appeal to fans of European folklore and the darker Grimm Brother’s fairytales. This is a spine-tingling young adult fantasy adventure about evil witches, monsters, and the imperfect heroes who face them all. You’ll join Sparrow and her faerie friends on a life changing journey where they face not only their outer demons, but their inner ones as well.

Book comes with a complimentary postcard and signed bookplate from the author.  (Kindle ebook version is available via Amazon )

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A Daughter of the Trolls

Paperback, Hardcover, Exclusive Jacketed Hardcover

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