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Talia Benson would consider herself fairly ordinary. Anyone would. Diligent student, only child to a single mother, protector of three cats; nothing special ever seemed to happen to her. Life’s consistent rhythm brightened only by Talia’s obsession with the stars and her love for art, a single evening in front of a blank canvas becomes the adventure she never dreamed she wanted. Talia finds herself lost and alone in a world completely unlike her own, in a land where magic thrives, wars are born then die at the wave of a hand, and strange creatures decide the fate of those who live among the Nine Realms. The guardians of this foreign world have felt a great shift in the heavens. Something has changed. A darkness is coming. A girl thrown between worlds could be the key to saving them all.

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This 168 page, 7.5″ x 5.25″ high quality perfect bound soft cover book is the first in our fantasy adventure graphic novel series, Charting Stars. This book was written by Erin Kleveland and illustrated by Micheline Ryckman. Printed and bound in Canada.

The series is suitable for pre-teens to teens with the hope that it will also charm those who are still young at heart as well.

 Style Premise for Charting Stars: This book is an illustrated graphic-style novel with a twist. One page is designed in a full graphic novel format where readers can see the illustrated panels and read the word bubbles; however, the corresponding pages are printed in a regular novel format. The reader can choose to read the book in three different ways; the graphic section alone, the novel section alone or both together (if so inclined). They will understand the essentials of the story and plot from the graphic section but, if they would like to learn everything about the story, the setting, or the characters they can read the corresponding novel section text to delve deeper. It is our hope that this style of book can be enjoyed by many different reading levels and also that it might encourage intermediate readers to take the plunge and read more.

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23 thoughts on “Charting Stars – Graphic Novel Paperback- Book 1

  1. Me and my kids have loved reading this graphic novel. It’s just awesome how my little kiddo just loves the pictures and my older guys can read the whole story. We are so excited for book 2!

    1. Thanks so much for leaving this response Polly! I’m super excited to hear that you and your kids enjoy this story. That is our hope, that it will span a large age demographic!

  2. I loved this book! This was my firstborn graphic novel and it m definitely won’t be my last! The art is gorgeous, the story is intriguing, and I love the style. The art panels are beautiful but I loved begin able to read the story and descriptions along with looking at the art. The book just left me wanting more! More Jarrett! More Talia! More Jora! I can’t wait for the next book!

    1. Gillian, I’m so grateful for this comment on Charting Stars Book 1! And so excited that it left you feeling like you wanted more! <3

  3. I absolutely fell in love with the whimsical writing and art in Charting Stars! The words pull you emotionally in, and the art really ties it all together! The long awaited story of Talia is, so far, very charming! She is so relatable and easy-going! I found myself saying “me too Talia” with the way she thinks! Im looking forward to Jarrett’s character development with Talia’s! I cannot wait until book 2, and I highly recommend giving Charting Stars a read!

  4. The book was beautifully written, with amazing art to help picture the scenes perfectly! I can’t wait for the next book (and to see more of Jarret 😍)

  5. The book was amazing! The pictures are awesome and I could look at them for hours. Also the story so nice and I love the characters. It is really worth ordering and reading the book.

  6. 5 stars – I loved it and can’t wait for book 2!

    Honestly this is the first graphic novel I’ve ever read, they really aren’t my thing — at least I didn’t think they were. This was so much fun to read and as a reader you are given the choice to read this book in either graphic or book format. You get one page in comic form and the other in good old printed text.

    This book is geared toward a younger audience but I found that I was draw into the world and characters like any good fantasy novel I read. The cast of characters introduced so far are great. Talia, Jora, Maren, Jarrett, QB, CALLE!! It’s no surprise to the author that I have a thing for Jarrett because I drool over her paintings of him on her Instagram account: @whimsicalillustration — go check them out!

    The two main characters are:

    Talia is an art student in love with the stars and cats. One night she is painting an anomaly she’s sees in the sky and is magically transported to the land of Nine Realms in a dreamlike state.

    Jarrett is summoned by Jora to carry an important object for her, why? I don’t know it’s undetermined. Jarrett has a squirrel friend named QB and together they find many ways to get into trouble. I’ve loved Jarrett for about a year now and anxiously waiting for his story and it’s finally here.

    For me, the best part of this book are the amazing illustrations throughout. They tell the story on their own, they are black and white but I love that because as a reader we are allowed to fill in with our own aesthetic. A good writer will never give the reader every detail they leave room for their own personal escapism.

    Like I said at the beginning of this review, I can’t wait for book 2 because Talia and Jarrett just met and have been confronted by danger. Leaving me the reader in cliffhanger status. I’m a sucker for cliffhangers I like them.

    Read this book. Then give it to your kids to read, the Charting Stars graphic novels are just a read, it is a read with a moral.

    1. Ryan – so grateful for this detailed and beautiful review of Charting Stars – thank-you to the moon and back!

  7. I am magically in love with this beautiful story! This graphic novel is so uniquely made my heart is warming to the absolute adorable perspective of it.
    This bundle of joy was made by two beautiful ladies who have unlimited imagination and shining souls. The art is done gorgeously because Micheline is a sorceress. The characters are so interesting and compelling. You root for them from the first page. Love Love Love.
    When I got to the last page I was shocked finding myself with the biggest cliffhanger. I want more and more and more.

    Thank you Micheline and Erin for creating this beautiful world. I hope we get to see more of those amazing characters and their adventures.

  8. This story was absolutely magical! I loved Talia’s creative spirit and Jared’s hilarious lines. Having two reading formats within the graphic novel is brilliant as some young readers may have different levels of ability, which allows everyone to enjoy this wonderful story. Plus, the illustrations were INCREDIBLE as always, Micheline is BEYOND talented! I can’t wait to see what happens next in Book 2 <3

  9. I absolutely loved this book ! The plot , the drawings , the characters… all of it was so beautifully written . It was a delightful , quick and adventurous novel. I cant wait for the next one!

  10. A delightful and lovely opening story to what will become an outstanding graphic novel series.

    I’ve followed the artist of Charting Stars for quite some time on social media, so I’ve been lucky enough to get to know her original characters that are in this graphic novel. I was so excited when she announced that it was going to be published! I’m very happy I was finally able to get a copy.

    It’s a very unique set up for a graphic novel. On one page, you get a typical graphic novel format. On the opposite page, you get a novel format.
    I decided to read the full descriptive novel format while also paying attention to the glorious artwork.

    Talia is such a charming and sweet protagonist. Jarrett is definitely swoon worthy, and very witty. QB is definitely the breakout star of the story (haha). Jora is lovely and magestic. And Calystra is rather terrifying.

    I really felt like I was instantly transported into the Charting Stars world, and I’m slightly disappointed it was over so fast! I can’t wait for book 2 to come out!

  11. I found Micheline’s artwork on instagram, and instantly fell in love with her incredible ability to create art of the worlds and characters that we all love so much. As soon as I found out about Charting Stars, I knew that I had to check it out.
    I absolutely loved this book! It’s an amazing combination of artwork and a written story, and I love that it can be read in different ways!! The characters are amazing, the world is so interesting, and the story is so unique! I loved reading it, and I’m hoping to get my goddaughter to read it as well, as I think it’s great for middle-grade readers who enjoy artwork and storytelling.
    I cannot wait for the next book and to see where this story goes, the adventures and hijinks that these characters get up to! In the mean time, I am sure that the comics and the incredible artwork that Micheline provides will definitely tide me over. Check out this amazing start to a series!!

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