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This ebook version of Charting Stars Book 1 is ePub version for tablets, smart phones, e-readers, computers . If you are looking for the MOBI format for Kindle please head to this link >>> Charting Stars Kindle


Talia Benson would consider herself fairly ordinary. Anyone would. Diligent student, only child to a single mother, protector of three cats; nothing special ever seemed to happen to her. Life’s consistent rhythm brightened only by Talia’s obsession with the stars and her love for art, a single evening in front of a blank canvas becomes the adventure she never dreamed she wanted. Talia finds herself lost and alone in a world completely unlike her own, in a land where magic thrives, wars are born then die at the wave of a hand, and strange creatures decide the fate of those who live among the Nine Realms. The guardians of this foreign world have felt a great shift in the heavens. Something has changed. A darkness is coming. A girl thrown between worlds could be the key to saving them all.

This book was written Erin Kleveland and illustrated by Micheline Ryckman.  The book is suitable for pre-teens to teens with the hope that it will also charm those who are still young at heart as well.

 Style Premise for Charting Stars: This book is an illustrated graphic-style novel with a twist. One page is designed in a full graphic novel format where readers can see the illustrated panels and read the word bubbles; however, the corresponding pages are printed in a regular novel format. The reader can choose to read the book in three different ways; the graphic section alone, the novel section alone or both together (if so inclined). They will understand the essentials of the story and plot from the graphic section but, if they would like to learn everything about the story, the setting, or the characters they can read the corresponding novel section text to delve deeper. It is our hope that this style of book can be enjoyed by many different reading levels and also that it might encourage intermediate readers to take the plunge and read more.

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