Fine Art Print – John 8


Price is shown in CAD. Exchange rates fluctuate daily, but the approximate USD price is:
5×7 – $11.01
8×10 – $17.99
11×17 – $31.21
12×20 – $84.44

Micheline Ryckman’s original art is printed on archival Giclee paper. Made from 100% cotton acid-free fine art paper. ‘John 8’  is available in 4 sizes: 5×7″, 8″x 10″, 11×14″, or 16×20″ print size.


This fine art print has a smooth natural matte finish, making it ideal for viewing from any angle. It is printed on archival-quality Giclee paper. Archival paper will not turn yellow or deteriorate over time and will preserve the colors printed on it.

Please note that all fine art prints are made-to-order so there is at least a week of preprocessing time before the prints are shipped out.

I have loved this scripture story FOREVER and I finally painted it!!! Obviously I took some artistic license with this art, I gave Jesus a stick to draw with instead of his finger and it says he wrote on the ground which implies he wasn’t drawing, but—you know—artists. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙈🤣

I think my favourite part about this scripture and story is the fact that when Jesus bent down to write on the ground, he directed everyone’s eye away from the woman and onto him and his actions. I love that he took their burning judgement and gazes away. I’ve heard a theory that he wrote the sins of the men ready to stone her into the ground, a theory I love because Jesus would have known, but my artist mind envisioned him drawing. 😆  For some reason as I was painting this, the idea of the vine and the branches came to mind, and it was meaningful for me. 🙃


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