Miss Emily Goes to Bat – Story Book


$8.50 $1.99

Miss Emily Goes to Bat is a story book written for preschool and primary grade children.


Colorful pictures illustrate the exploits of a loveable cat named Miss Emily. This exciting story written in the rhyming tradition of Dr. Seuss enables boys and girls to explore human themes relevant to their own lives. Whether your child is an animal lover, baseball, sports or art lover, this book is sure to become a favourite of the whole family.

Miss Emily the cat can’t catch anything! William and Thomas are determined to help her be like other cats. They decide that she just needs a few lessons on catching. With the help of the local baseball coach they’re certain Miss Emily will finally learn. But things run afoul just as she hits her first home run. William and Thomas are sure they’ve struck out but soon discover that catching isn’t the only way to earn MVP –“Most Valuable Pussycat”.

Miss Emily Goes to Bat is a high quality soft cover, perfect bound 8.5” x 11” book printed in full color on high gloss paper.

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