Oops by the Ounce



Price is shown in CAD. Exchange rates fluctuate daily, but the approximate USD price is:

1/2 Ounce – $4.51
1 Ounce – $6.76
1.5 Ounce – $11.27
This is a savings of 60% off retail costs!

This is a MYSTERY product, meaning you won’t know what designs you get until your package arrives! We can guarantee every bundle is unique, however if you order more than one, you may receive duplicates. These bundles are all pre-packaged and as such, specific requests for fandom or design cannot be accommodated. No refunds if designs are not to your preference.



These postcards and bookmarks are professionally printed on both sides using sturdy quality gloss card stock. (Gloss is on the front side of the card only). Bookmarks measure 2″x 6″ and postcards measure 4.5″x 5.5″.

These pieces of art are sold as is due to imperfections from the printer. No guarantees for specific fandom or product. The quantity of items is determined by weight but generally:
1/2 ounce ~ 3-4 items
1 ounce ~ 6 items
1.5 ounces ~ 10 items

Imperfections may include any of the following:

  • rough/uneven edges
  • blemishes in glossy top coat
  • scratches
  • bent corners

Additional information

Oops by the Ounce

1/2 Ounce (3-4 items), One Ounce (6 items), 1.5 Ounces (10 items)

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