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This listing is a PREORDER for a 5.5” X 8.5” high quality jacketed-cased hardcover book of the YA fantasy adventure novel, A Daughter of the Trolls. (Preorder will include a special art gift related to the book, a bookmark, and a signed bookplate from the author.)

This listing will not release and ship until April 21, 2023.




Are you afraid of the bogeyman?

Eighteen-year-old Sparrow can’t remember a time when she wasn’t. And neither can her mother—or the trolls, imps, gnomes, and faeries who all live in the Glade and call it home. Though Sparrow’s weak heart keeps her wheelchair bound, she and her mother have dedicated their lives to protecting the Glade, especially from the worst bogeyman of them all: the skin-stealing, poison-ingesting witch called Black Annis.

But one night, Sparrow makes a terrible mistake, and everything she once held dear is taken from her. The Glade is no longer a sanctuary, and the only way Sparrow can save her mother and her friends is to journey out into a monster-ridden world that wasn’t made for her or her wheelchair. Joined by her half-goblin friend, Rush, Sparrow will have to confront her fears before the ones they love are lost forever.

A Daughter of the Trolls will appeal to fans of European folklore and the darker Grimm Brother’s fairytales. This is a spine-tingling young adult fantasy adventure about evil witches, monsters, and the imperfect heroes who face them all. You’ll join Sparrow and her faerie friends on a life changing journey where they face not only their outer demons, but their inner ones as well.

Release date will be April 21st, 2023!!! You can purchase the exclusive jacketed hardcover version of A Daughter of the Trolls right HERE which includes complimentary artwork from the book and signed bookplate, or you can order a kindle e-reader version, a paperback, or a hardback via AMAZON right now .

Little note from the author of ADOTT, McKenzie Catron:

Growing up, I always wanted to be an author. I tried time and time again to concoct an idea, but they never seemed to stick. I never felt that I had a story important enough to tell, that was until I became disabled. I spent my whole life being healthy and able bodied until I became completely blindsided in 2018 by an untreatable chronic illness that put me in a wheelchair.
After that, reading fantasy books was difficult. I couldn’t connect with characters as easily and I couldn’t put myself in these fantastical scenarios full of adventure and incredible feats. I can’t even roll over carpet, how could I picture myself traveling through a forest alongside these characters?
This is how A Daughter of the Trolls was born. I wanted to give people like me with disabilities and chronic illnesses a character to relate to. I found a way for Sparrow, who has a similar illness to me, to go on an adventure that is…not very ADA compliant. Not to mention, I got to share my struggles and frustrations of being wheelchair bound without being paralyzed through Sparrow. There are so many stigmas when it comes to being disabled, this is not a one size fits all world and we are not meant for molds. Thank goodness I learned that disability is not inability.
I can only hope that readers will fall in love with my characters the way I have, and that they come out on the other side with memories of a story they’ll never forget.

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A Daughter of the Trolls

Paperback, Hardcover

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