PREORDER – The Lion of the Sea – Paperback


“Perhaps the present, no matter how messy, is the perfect time to live.”

Family is not always blood, and home is where the heart is. It took Dain Alloway years to understand these foundational truths, and now as captain of The Maiden, surrounded by the found family he loves, Dain sets out to end a centuries old genocide and hopefully stop an oncoming war. But, when the girl he loves is torn from his arms, Dain might be forced to choose between saving just her, or saving them all.


The Lion of the Sea is the second novel in Micheline Ryckman’s The Maiden Ship series. This PREORDER will include a personalized signed paperback copy (PLEASE add your personalized request in the order notes section at checkout). This order will also include the preorder incentive art prints and bookmarks pictured. (Sneak peeks inside this book will be coming soon.)

(If you are looking for the hardcover exclusive edition of this book, head to, if you are looking for the kindle ebook version head to Please note: preorder incentives are not included if you order through these other sites.)

This 5.5” X 8.5” high quality paperback book is a YA fantasy adventure novel. This is a PREORDER ITEM, so it will not be be fully packaged, signed, and shipped out until March 2021. This means it will come after the release date which is February 7th, 2021. If you are hoping to get your hands on the book sooner than March, you can order the ebook via Amazon and you’ll receive it right on the release date. (The paperback will also be available via Amazon a few days after the release date as well.)

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