Whimsical Has Exciting News!!

Join me in welcoming new author

Kaitlyn Carter Brown!

Our Whimsical family continues to grow!

I am SO EXCITED to introduce you to Kaitlyn and announce that her book, Queen of Shifting Sands, is being released in the spring of 2024!

Kaitlyn, an avid adventurer both on and off page, crafts fierce fantasy filled with high stakes, sweeping worlds, and courageous characters stories while taking inspiration from her treks across the US National Parks.

Off the page, you’ll find her decorating cakes, drinking plenty of coffee, and surviving the Arizona heat much like her arm of houseplants.

Her previous work has been featured in Havok Publishing’s Bingeworthy and Sensational anthologies, Wild Rose Press’s Fantasea anthology, and Quill and Flame Publishing’s Crowns anthology. She recently released Daughter of the Desert, a prequel novella to Queen of Shifting Sands which is free for her newsletter subscribers.

Queen of Shifting Sands is a romantic YA fantasy story with a desert setting that Whimsical Publishing will be releasing in spring 2024! Lots more to come about this tale in the months ahead, but in the meantime, go give Kaitlyn a follow! She has many posts you might want to see!

More exciting news – we are HALF WAY to McKenzie’s dream of 600 preorders!

That means we still have about 300 orders to go, so PLEASE don’t stop sharing! You all are making this happen with each and every share! We’ve put together a landing page with all the info about McKenzie and AGOTG, including some new graphics to share! Check it all out HERE!

Special Announcement from VIGIL & Co.


We Could Be Villains

Anniversary Edition!

Have you missed our superheroes?

We sure have!! While Megan is hard at work on the sequel, we wanted to celebrate the ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of WCBV with a special exclusive edition!

This edition is packed full of extras! It will include:

  • Brand new interior illustrations
  • A bonus scene written exclusively for this edition
  • A new detailed dust jacket (wait until you see the back!)
  • An exclusive design on the hard case
  • A new bookmark of Sam (who gets QUITE the glow-up in book 2 and we thought you’d appreciate a preview 😉)

This edition is only offered through my shop and is available for preorder NOW! All copies will also include a signed bookplate.

And here’s a closer look at that bookmark (scroll down). In addition to the new art of Sam, this bookmark also features a sneaky peek quote from the unedited draft of WCBV 2!

In addition to this WCBV news, we also wanted to share the last bookmark in the Caraval series. We originally planned to do one bookmark every month for the entire 2023 year, but plans often change, especially for small businesses and even more so when you add chronic illness into that equation.

We’re sorry we aren’t able to provide you with a full collection of 12 bookmarks, but we do have something special planned once this final piece leaves the shop. Keep your eyes peeled and in the meantime, snag up this fairytale ending bookmark of Scarlett and Julian!

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Everything in the shop is 30% off from July 11-28 with code XMASINJULY. 

(preorders excluded)

Unknown planet from outer space. Space nebula. Cosmic cluster of stars. Outer space background. 3D render.

The Kindle edition of Into the Churn is on sale for just 99 cents! Snag it now!







Also as a reminder, A Goblin of the Glade by McKenzie Catron is also available for preorder! All preorders can receive a free downloadable bookmark and every share of this preorder is eligible to enter a giveaway for a paperback ARC. McKenzie’s dream goal is to get 600 preorders and we hope to achieve that for her while she’s struggling, with your help! Please share and share and share wherever you can!

McKenzie Needs Our Help!

Whimsies! This is a Call to Action!


Please read all of this!

First, I want to offer my immense gratitude for the overwhelming response to the cover reveal and pre-order campaign launch of A Goblin of the Glade.

So far, we’ve reached 136 preorders which is more than ANY other Whimsical book in the first couple of days!

Not to sound ungrateful, but we are hoping for more. Read on to learn why…

For those who may not know, McKenzie Catron is suffering from a degenerative health condition, one that gets worse and worse over time, which gradually steals her body functions.

Most of you already know McKenzie is wheelchair bound because of her condition, but recently, she’s been experiencing stroke-like episodes, targeting her speech, neurological, and cognitive functioning. She’s also experiencing hand tremors, weakness, and migraines. All of this makes doing her job or being on screens nearly impossible.

Our hearts ache for the struggles McKenzie is facing… A Goblin of the Glade is something she has poured her absolute heart and soul into, but now marketing her book for herself is practically impossible.

Lucky for her, she has US, her Whimsical family behind her!

This is why we need YOU! McKenzie’s dream goal was to reach 600 preorders for Goblin prior to release day (November 28, 2023). And we really want to make her DREAM a reality. This is a feat, never accomplished by Whimsical before, but I can’t think of a more fitting first time than with our first author, the one who made Whimsical evolve from me publishing my own books, into helping other authors’ dreams of publishing their own books come true.

How can I help?

I’m glad you asked!

We are offering incentives for SHARING and PREORDERING this book’s preorder campaign! Preordering is amazing, but we understand, not everyone is financially able to do so.

But sharing helps so much more than you may even realize. Everyone has unique social circles, so by sharing, you may be introducing someone new to the Whimsical family! Literally EVERY share counts!

Everyone who shares any of the posts linked below OR shares info about A Goblin of the Glade’s release will be entered to win a paperback ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) of A Goblin of the Glade.

Christina’s cover reveal post
Whimsical’s cover reveal post
Whimsical’s ARC giveaway post

These links are just posts already created with all the info about the preorder for your convenience. You’re more than welcome to make your own!

ANY share counts – public accounts, private accounts, any social media platform. All you need to do is screenshot it and enter it HERE.


All preorders can apply to receive this FREE printable bookmark! The ONLY way to get one is to preorder A Goblin of the Glade in ANY format! (including Kindle!)

Submit proof of purchase in order for the downloadable bookmark to be emailed to you!



Since all preorders count toward the 600 goal, including the Kindle format, we’ve discounted the Kindle version of A Daughter of the Trolls to 99 cents until we reach our goal! This way you can read the first before the second!

Want to be one of the first to read and review AGOTG to help get the word out about its release? Request an ARC of A Goblin of the Glade.

PLEASE help us make McKenzie’s dream a reality! Her condition has significantly worsened over the past month and she is so heartbroken that she can’t take part in this launch campaign. When I tell you she has worked SO HARD on this book… it was truly a labor of love.

Please please PLEASE my Whimsies, help us make this book release a DREAM COME TRUE for McKenzie. It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life but just a few moments of your time could make a world of difference to a smart, beautiful, talented author.

If you read all the way to this point, I truly love you!!

With as much gratitude as I possibly have to give,


Cover Reveal & Giveaway for

A Goblin of the Glade


So excited to share this cover reveal with you all. Megan McCullough designed the cover and we are so thrilled with how it turned out! She did a beautiful job. <3

A Goblin of the Glade is now available for preorder HERE in my shop in paperback, hardback, and jacketed exclusive edition. The first 200 orders will receive, for free, all the preorder incentive goodies you see pictured below. This book is also available for preorder in kindle format on Amazon. (Please note: preorder goodies are not included with purchases through Amazon.) Preorder goodies consist of two postcard artworks by yours truly, a bookmark featuring artwork from Hillary Bardin, a bird painting done by McKenzie Catron, and a signed bookplate from McKenzie as well.

Here’s my (Micheline) review of AGOTG:

Ever wonder how you’ll heal, or how you’ll ever recover from a past so traumatizing that it haunts you by day and night? 

Well, this is exactly what Primrose, Poppy, and Posy, personally endure as they embark upon a predestined quest to save their darkening world. The journey is harrowing, the bogeymen even more so, but while these sisters face the past to secure a future for all, they might just find that healing comes in the form of each other. 

This action packed, Grimm-style fairytale is everything you want to read this Christmas. This book is about family, unconventional love stories, and facing the darkness together. 


Ten years have passed, but neither Primrose nor her sisters, Poppy and Posy, can shake the belladonna-soaked trauma of their childhood. Though the triplets have grown and are no longer captive, the memory of Black Annis’s iron talons and needle teeth still linger.

While Posy finds reprieve in studying with the Elder Mother and Poppy drowns her mental wounds in song and service, Primrose copes by traveling wherever the wind takes her. Much like her beloved half-brother Rush used to, she finds solace in seeking new havens. However, news of Sparrow’s dying mother draws Primrose home again, and she resolves to stay in the glade to spend one last Christmastide with the only woman she’s ever called mother.

That is until a shadowy Pooka appears with a message tangled in Fate’s red thread: a prophecy from the fabled Numina that threatens to upend the family all over again.

With only the suspicious, dark Pooka as their guide, the triplets must follow the Numina’s destined trail to a perilous mountain haunted by trickster spirits. But when their dubious quest delivers them into the claws of the infamous witch Baba Yaga, the goblin sisters are forced to face their childhood nightmares or let the world, and those they love, be forever consumed by darkness.

A Goblin of the Glade, the second book in McKenzie Catron’s “A Numina Parable” series, returns to all the beloved characters of the first book, and then some. Embark on a journey filled with sisterly love and unique companionship in this new high-stakes fantasy adventure reminiscent of Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales and European folklore.

Want to be one of the first to read and review AGOTG to help get the word out about its release?

Request an ARC of A Goblin of the Glade

We also have a very unique opportunity to WIN a paperback ARC! CLICK HERE for all the details and to find out how to enter!

And last but not least…

A Christmas in July SALE!

Everything in the shop is 30% off from July 11-28 with code XMASINJULY.

The Kindle edition of Into the Churn is on sale for just 99 cents! Snag it now!