Famous Women In History – An Illustrated Collection!

I’ve been working through this illustration series on my Instagram account ( @whimsicalillustration ) and thought it might be super fun to share it with you here. I’ve not yet finished the series (more to come so be sure to follow on Instagram) but I’ve been doing portraits of famous historical women in a manga illustrated style. My first gal was Emelia Earhart – the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic – no small feat in her day! –>


Emelia Earhart


Jane Austen

Couldn’t resist drawing Jane Austen next, she is one of my favourite authors and if you’ve never read her books it’s high time you did!


Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc – divinely inspired warrior – heroine of France – martyred Saint. (You can read all about her on Wikipedia 😉). I was fascinated by her story when I was a kid – especially because she lead armies of men when she was only a teenager! (Pssst… I have no idea if she had blonde hair and blue eyes – I just made that up – I know, I know not very historically accurate. 😅)


Marie Antoinette

Okay, so maybe not the most inspirational woman in history but definitely very memorable – Marie Antoinette! “Let them eat cake.”


Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I – The Virgin Queen! Ruled unmarried for 44 years in an era when many Kings could not keep their thrones! (Pssst… This was the Elizabethan Era – Shakespeare’s day!)



Sacagawea – strong inspirational woman! She traveled thousands of miles from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean as a guide for Lewis and Clark. Along the way making cultural connections and researching natural history.



King Arthur Colouring Page

I didn’t start out thinking that this guy was King Arthur but as the page progressed I felt like it evolved that way. A young King Arthur obviously!😉  Here’s to the knights of the round table!
This new page is up on our Etsy shop now! King_Small

Nature, Mountain, Bird and Landscape Coloring Pages

Excited to share these new nature coloring pages with you. This is the first time I’ve created a full mountain scene coloring page. And it’s the first time I’ve ever drawn a sparrow as well! I really hope you enjoy! Both of these pages are available to purchase in our Etsy shop!
Mountain Sparrow_Small