Manuscript Submissions

Are you interested in becoming a published author? Whimsical Publishing is currently taking manuscript submissions from authors who write middle grade or young adult fiction.

BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR SUBMISSION, please read the following Terms and Conditions:

Whimsical publishing is looking for middle grade (MG) or young adult (YA) fiction only. We have a particular interest in unique stories that engage the reader from the first line and fit appropriately within their genre. The material you submit must be the Author’s entire original creative work. (Please do not send partial manuscripts.) We do not accept foreign language submissions (english only), or anything else besides MG & YA. 

During the submission process we guarantee the privacy and intellectual property of the Author and maintain said privacy at all times. No information regarding any Author’s personal details will be disclosed to any third parties without the express permission of said Author. No disclosure of email addresses or similar contact data will be allowed without the express permission being granted by the Author.

Whimsical Publishing will use the personal details of the Author for correspondence.

Please include the following with your submission (ALL in one document):

  • Your full name, address, phone number, email, and website/social media links.
  • The full manuscript of your work, with a cover letter and synopsis. Your synopsis should be no longer than one page.
  • Please submit a digital copy of all this below in a single document, PDF format.

It may take up to six weeks for your manuscript to be read and reviewed. If you have followed all our instructions, you will hear back from us either way about your submission.  Submissions can be made with or without the representation of an agent. This submission is for traditional style publishing only, there will be no costs incurred by the Author and the whole cost for producing, publishing, and marketing the work is covered by us. If we are interested in a manuscript we will offer to purchase the rights from the Author with a contract that would include later royalties.

Hitting the submit button here, with your work attached, means that you’ve read and  agree to all of the above terms and conditions.