The Maiden Ship (Book 1)


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This YA fantasy adventure is Micheline Ryckman’s debut novel. This listing is for either a 5.5” X 8.5” high-quality paperback or print-case hardcover book.

Due to Micheline’s disability, she is not able to sign bookplates. All copies will be sent with a STAMPED signature on the title page.

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  Dain Alloway was only nine years old when he began a new life with his father, sailing aboard The Maiden. Eight years later, the aristocratic city-boy turned merchant-sailor feels like he lives with one foot on land, and one foot in the sea. Life floats smoothly by until the night he wakes to find a mysterious woman in his cabin.

   The events that unfold after her appearance transform Dain’s world. Now, hunted by empty-faced demons, he finds himself thrown into a dangerous web of intrigue and magic. As the crisis grows, the young sailor discovers powerful gifts buried deep within, talents that might shift the tide of a centuries-old war. Whether or not he’s ready, Dain will have to risk it all for the salvation and freedom of those he loves.

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The Maiden Ship

Paperback, Hardcover

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19 thoughts on “The Maiden Ship (Book 1)

  1. I was lucky enough to get an advanced readers copy of this book, and I absolutely adored it. And by that I mean I finished it in a little over a day. It was exciting, well paced, and I loved the characters. Dain is such a good protagonist, and so different from the usual male main in YA books, I loved him right away. The world-building is beautifully done, with little details cast in throughout, so there’s a gorgeous world you feel like you know, but not a lot spent on exposition so you can get right to the main plot. And the main plot is excellent. It kept me reading for hours, and the last twist was so unexpected I had to set the book down and walk around for a bit. It’s a wonderfully written book, and I can’t wait for the next one!!

  2. I think the best summation of this book is simply, “absolutely enjoyable.” There’s nothing more satisfying then a rich mix of action, humor, mystery, brilliant characters and heart-warming moments.

    The Maiden Ship had all this and more. Ryckman has created a completely unique world with a past, present and future rife with secrets, lost knowledge, dark villains and hearty heroes (can I get more of Mo, please?).

    While The Maiden Ship itself is a complete story, I feel like our toes have barely gotten wet in the wonder, and there is so much more I want to see expanded on and resolved.

    (And a few weddings sound in order – probably just because I want to see Toff forced back into fancy clothes again.)

  3. If you love magic, mystery, and adventure with a pinch of romance, then you will love The Maiden Ship!

    The pacing was perfect, the world building was great, and the characters were very lovable.
    I really loved Dain and Sable but I think Mo is my favorite character. He was like a big wise teddy bear!

    This was a great and enjoyable read! I can’t wait to read where the story goes next in the next book!

    This book was one of my most anticipated books of 2020 and I’m very thankful to Micheline Ryckman for sending me an early copy of her debut novel for an honest review.

  4. What’s better than reading an author’s debut novel? Nothing. Absolutely nothing!

    I loved The Maiden Ship. It was such a refreshing fantasy read that is different than what is currently out there. It’s the story of Dain, a sailor who soon finds out that magic and family are very different than what he currently believes. The pace of story is perfect, nothing is drawn out and overdone while the world building is amazing! I’d love to know more about the realm of The Four Kingdoms that Ryckman has created. I need a history lesson!

    My favorite thing about this book is the cast of side characters. They are more than just filler and they all add their own piece to the story. Can I get more Casper please?! *swoon*

    The reason I gave this 4 and not 5 stars was just based on the writing. It was a little under developed but for a debut novel it was expected. Growth comes from experience right? I’m hoping that the author does continue to write and gives us the continuation of Dain’s story. Lord knows she can’t leave a cliff hanger like that at the end!!

    If you love magic, sailors on the high sea, friendships and fantasy worlds….The Maiden Ship is for you! It’s a great story and you won’t regret reading it!

  5. I was so excited to read this debut novel and lucky enough to receive an arc copy! I have to say I enjoyed every minute of it and it was a great debut!

    We follow Dain Alloway aboard his father’s merchant vessel, The Maiden. Dain has always wanted to escape his life at sea and has a plan intact to do just that when one night something magical happens that just might derail those plans and change Dain’s perspective of the world he lives in forever….

    High sea adventure, magic, self discovery, heartwarming friendships and romance are all within these pages.

    I think the pacing of the novel is done very well and I think that people who normally find books dragging their feet to be tedious will love that this book doesn’t fall prey to that. The pace is brisk in a way that feels completely natural and keeps our tale moving forward. 

    The Characters ( both main and side) are all so lovely and maintain their distinct personalities, which If you know me you know this is a major thing I want in a book. Dain goes through great character growth and I can see from start to finish how he matures. Though I enjoy them all my favorites have to be Old Toff and Sable!

    I laughed, I cried, I felt real emotions while reading and I think that is one of the marks for making a great book. The Maiden Ship  receives 5 Stars from me & I recommend it! 

  6. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book, and I really enjoyed it! This novel has a nice brisk pace that keeps you interested and reading, but still gives you time to absorb everything going on. The plot was also very well thought out, and I loved the dynamics of the crew aboard The Maiden.

    This was a debut novel, and although it’s well done, there are still parts where you can tell it’s the author’s first novel. I noticed that was particularly evident in the dialogue at some parts, and then just some of the ways the characters reacted felt a bit mechanical. Of course, writing improves with time and practice, and it was honestly super impressive for a debut novel to be this well done!

    Overall, I really liked this book and am excited for the second one to come out! I can’t wait to continue Dain’s story 🙂 I would definitely recommend The Maiden Ship!

  7. A solid 5 stars, no rounding up.

    Ryckman’s debut novel is a splash (pun intended) and I loved it! Could not put it down! Highly recommend for anyone who will listen! A sweet, fun, adventurous tale!

    The cast of characters is wonderful and nobody seems like a throwaway. I’d like to get more backstory on some of these guys (see Casper and Mo, specifically). But with the first novel in what is clearly set up to have at LEAST a sequel, I’m sure I’ll be satisfied later on. All the character’s talents and personalities make sense. Dain was relatable and the people around him don’t pale when sharing the page.

    I love the world that’s been created. It’s clearly described, not exhaustive. The magic system is learned along with the characters. There seems to be a lot of tensions between the countries and I hope to explore that more in the upcoming book(s). Since we spend 90% of the time at sea, though, the mention was enough for me.

    The plot is fun! I loved being aboard The Maiden as Dain starts this journey of self-discovery while thwarting bad guys and falling in love. I’m excited to see where we sail to next!

    Ryckman’s style is easy to read, but not dumbed down. The foreshadowing is smart. If you read a lot, it may be obvious. That does not mean it’s bad, though. I prefer character development rather than being jerked around by a multiple plot twists and red herrings. I also think her use of dialogue was good for a debut novel – her narration is excellent.

  8. I loved sailing on The Maiden Ship with Dain, Sable, Mo, Toff, Casper, Ileana and all the others!

    Thank you Micheline for bringing this story to life! It was all I thought it would be, and then some. This is a promising debut novel, and I can’t wait for the sequel. I hadn’t seen the end coming, and I got attached to the crew (with special mention to Morgan Crouse and his witty and funny comments).

    I particularly enjoyed the pace of the story, the sense of humor, the action, all the secrets and mystery surrounding magic, and the depth of the main characters.

    I kept reading the novel and checking Micheline’s artwork for The Maiden Ship on her Instagram account at the same time, it made it all the more real.

    I’m first in line to read the sequel!

  9. This book was fantastic!!! I think I am beginning to become a sucker for indie authors.

    If you like intrigue, magic, plot twists, and so much more, this book is for you!

    Join Dain, Sable, Ileana, Mo, and all the others as they set off on an adventure that will rock the boat and whisk you off to find answers that only produce more questions.

    Micheline Ryckman builds her world quickly but efficiently and doesn’t leave anything undescribed. She weaves plot twists and tricks in so you don’t realize they are there until they bite your nose and leave you wanting more.

    Ryckman does a wonderful job of answering questions, letting her readers think they have the plot all figured out, and then halting them in their tracks with masterful twists and turns that leave them wanting more!

    If you haven’t set foot on the deck of The Maiden, you best hurry up before she leaves port on another adventure!

  10. Ryckman’s debut novel was a fun read, her world is super interesting and definitely something I would want to learn more about! I thought the character interactions could be flushed out more so it will be nice for them to be explored in a sequel! Excited to see how Ryckman develops as an author.

  11. A must read if, like me, you need all the books about ships, magic and new worlds!
    The Maiden Ship is a fun story about magic, mystery, adventure and family. I really enjoyed how this book kept me reading and intrigued until the very end. It left me wanting more right away! Dain and Sable are my favourite characters but I really loved Mo, Toff, Casper and Ileana, too. Each character is unique and lovable in their own way. I really enjoy me some great bad guys also and Micheline did not disappoint! Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next one in this series!

  12. I absolutely adored this, it’s amazing, I was so looking forward to this and I was not disappointed at all. Michelin’s is as fabulous an author as she is an artist, you wouldn’t know this was her debut novel at all. I loved every character, the time and thought into the development of each is clear and because of that you connect with them easily and it makes it an addictive story, from page one to end you just want to know what happens next, you’re on the edge of your seat and my big criticism of this, I now have to wait for the next book. Seriously recommended for great characters, romance, mystery and humour. A wonderful debut and hopefully the first of much more to come.

  13. Ooo, MYGOODNESS!!!! I absolutely enjoyed reading this exciting book!! The flow of the story was smooth and peppy, with a nice balance of adventure and blooming romance!! Also I enjoy the unique magic and mystery! Curious to know what will happen in the sequel!! Excellent quotes and loveable characters! Definitely a 5/5 book that I highly recommend reading!!!

  14. The Maiden Ship was a refreshing read, not only with a male’s perspective but with a fantastical adventure! This was a quick read, just a few days, and yet I was excited to see what would happen next. Lately I’ve found myself being picky about what I read, but I was instantly drawn to this one. A story about love, belonging, and family. What could be better?!

    The world is fascinating, and the characters bring bouts of joy to my heart. But what I love most about all the characters is that they’re real. I can find them in the people around me and I love that! Their reactions and actions are so raw and reasonable.

    I can’t wait for the next one and wish all the luck to Ryckman!

  15. Introducing a whirlwind adventure of love, danger, and intrigue upon the open seas!

    I’ve been dying to read this book for sooo long! I’ve been following Micheline on Instagram for quite awhile because her artwork is absolutely stunning and when she said she was writing a book, I couldn’t wait! Now that I’ve finished it, I’ll say it was definitely worth the wait, and I need the sequel pronto!! I loved all the characters but I especially love the relationship between Dain and Mo, the first mate. You can tell they trust each other and there is such a deep bond there. Plus Mo gives great advice, I’m sure I’ll be quoting him from now on! The storyline and plot twist was not something I was expecting and it was really refreshing to read something new. I can’t wait to see how the surprise Dain receives at the end of the book plays into the sequel. I’m sure however it’s written, it will be full of drama and excitement.

    Highly recommend this to everyone and anyone who loves fantasy, romance, family, mystery, fairytales and adventure!

  16. Magic, romance, and adventure is something that I always look forward to when reading a fantasy book. Micheline painted such a fun new world with diverse characters. Dain Alloway is such a good leading man, and I enjoyed reading from his point of view. Also, everytime the author describes his hair. I want it. Sign me up on the crew Dain, and let me in on the hair secrets.

    Dain doesn’t enjoy life at sea, but he’s had to endure it since he was a little boy. He desires something different. Then when life on The Maiden takes a dark turn, Dain really steps up to protect the people he cares about.

    I liked the world building and each of the characters felt vivid. Some scenes have five characters in it, but the dialogue flows together well. Which I appreciate being able to know who’s talking and feel for the character. The pace of the story is fast and you’re still feeling the excitement of what’s happening. There is some romance that’s a sweet slow burn that is a big favorite of mine.

    What I didn’t like about The Maiden Ship is that now I have to wait for book two, but it’s worth it. The ending was amazing! I have no doubt they’re going to take on the next part of their journey beautifully.

  17. I absolutely loved The Maiden Ship and I cannot wait to read the sequel when it comes out next week!! The characters are fantastic and the plot is so well done. If you are looking for a sea adventure, magic, a group of rag tag characters – found family – and so much more, I highly recommend!

  18. I finally read The Maiden Ship and I am in love with it. I love everything about it, the story, the setting, the magic system and of course the characters. Micheline’s writing is magical and I enjoyed every bit of it.

    The story had the action it needed and the necessary character development. Dain is an amazing protagonist. He is sensitive but also strong and determined. But the secondary characters are great as well. Sable and Mo were among my favourites.
    The ending of the book was a little unexpected and left my with many questions and now all I want to do is know more. Thankfully, thanks to Micheline, I have an eARC for the next one, The Lion of the Sea which I will read asap.

    Rating: 5 Stars

  19. I just read The Maiden Ship and I absolutely love it!! There is a great mix of humor, adventure, and suspense. Once I started reading I couldn’t put the book down! The interactions between Sable and Dain, and the suspenseful rescues were my favorite parts to read. The plot twists were completely unexpected and were fun to see where each turn the characters made would lead. I loved the different magics that were added as well! Overall, I found the book absolutely amazing!! I’m excited to read The Lion of the Sea!

    10/10 Stars, I highly recommend!!

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