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The Maiden Ship is Micheline Ryckman’s debut YA fantasy adventure novel. This pre-order purchase will be mailed out the week of February 7, 2020. Pre-order will include two  art gifts, AND if you leave a message in the order notes section at check-out, Micheline Ryckman will add a personalized signature to your book. (If you are looking for the ebook version of this novel, please head to

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This personally signed, 5.5” X 8.5” high quality paperback book is a YA fantasy adventure novel. This is Micheline Ryckman’s debut novel. Printed and bound in Canada. (If you are looking for the ebook version of this novel, please head to

  Dain Alloway was only nine years old when he began a new life with his father, sailing aboard The Maiden. Eight years later, the aristocratic city-boy turned merchant-sailor feels like he lives with one foot on land, and one foot in the sea. Life floats smoothly by until the night he wakes to find a mysterious woman in his cabin.

   The events that unfold after her appearance transform Dain’s world. Now, hunted by empty-faced demons, he finds himself thrown into a dangerous web of intrigue and magic. As the crisis grows, the young sailor discovers powerful gifts buried deep within, talents that might shift the tide of a centuries-old war. Whether or not he’s ready, Dain will have to risk it all for the salvation and freedom of those he loves.

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2 thoughts on “PRE-ORDER – The Maiden Ship Paperback

  1. I was lucky enough to get an advanced readers copy of this book, and I absolutely adored it. And by that I mean I finished it in a little over a day. It was exciting, well paced, and I loved the characters. Dain is such a good protagonist, and so different from the usual male main in YA books, I loved him right away. The world-building is beautifully done, with little details cast in throughout, so there’s a gorgeous world you feel like you know, but not a lot spent on exposition so you can get right to the main plot. And the main plot is excellent. It kept me reading for hours, and the last twist was so unexpected I had to set the book down and walk around for a bit. It’s a wonderfully written book, and I can’t wait for the next one!!

  2. I think the best summation of this book is simply, “absolutely enjoyable.” There’s nothing more satisfying then a rich mix of action, humor, mystery, brilliant characters and heart-warming moments.

    The Maiden Ship had all this and more. Ryckman has created a completely unique world with a past, present and future rife with secrets, lost knowledge, dark villains and hearty heroes (can I get more of Mo, please?).

    While The Maiden Ship itself is a complete story, I feel like our toes have barely gotten wet in the wonder, and there is so much more I want to see expanded on and resolved.

    (And a few weddings sound in order – probably just because I want to see Toff forced back into fancy clothes again.)

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