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Paperback – $12.48
Hardcover – $18.35
Exclusive Jacketed Hardcover – $25.85

This listing is for a 5.5” X 8.5” high quality paperback, print-cased hardcover, or a jacketed exclusive hardback book of the YA fantasy romance novel, Queen of Shifting Sands.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a preorder item and will not be shipping until March 12, 2024. Any items purchased with it will not ship until that time.




A crownless queen. A cursed prince. One summer to live.

The stars have aligned in the kingdom of Instanolde, or so Lystra believes as she eagerly awaits her wedding day. Her beloved, the king, is everything her heart desires, but when a brutal attack leaves her betrothed dead and Instanolde on the cusp of collapse, she finds her future in ruins, and the throne beyond her reach. With invasion looming across the desert, Lystra refuses to let grief keep her from defending her kingdom—even if that means forging a marriage alliance with Elerek, the brother of her lost love, a prince shrouded in secrets.

Elerek, now heir to the throne, has spent his life waiting to die. An untouchable curse lurks beneath his skin, and though he aches to see its suffocating hold severed, he’s long given up hope. When his brother’s death drags him from the shadows, Elerek must find the strength to shoulder the crown’s burdens and secure a queen—a wife to protect his kingdom after the curse claims him. With the adoration of the people already in the palm of her hands, Lystra is the ideal candidate. But even if she doesn’t spurn him for his ruinous curse, he’ll need to protect her from its dangers—and his heart as he finds himself steadily drawn to the girl’s unbreakable spirit. With death on the horizon, Elerek must become the king he never planned to be and save Instanolde before his time runs out.

Lystra and Elerek only have one summer to prepare their kingdom for invasion, but more than one threat prowls their desert, and the cost of survival might just destroy them all.

Queen of Shifting Sands is a fantastical romance adventure where duty and endurance grapple amid the sands of chaos. Lovers of intrigue, high stakes, and slow-burn romance will fall in love with this escape into a rich, immersive fantasy world.

You can pre-order the high-quality paperback, hardcover, or exclusive jacketed hardcover versions of Queen of Shifting Sands right HERE. The first 80 orders will receive two art print postcards, a double-sided bookmark, and a signed bookplate. (The Kindle version is also available for preorder from HERE.)

Jacketed hardcovers include extra interior illustrations, a bonus scene, and a secret exclusive cover beneath the dust jacket.

All copies will come with a signed bookplate even after the pre-order incentive cap is reached.

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Queen of Shifting Sands

Paperback, Hardcover, Exclusive Jacketed Hardcover

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