Taking the Cat for a Walk?

The forest on the back of our property has a trail that loops around and follows the fence line. This morning Shane, myself, Hannah and Hunter went for a walk in the forest. Obviously, our dogs LOVE to go for a walk but the funny thing is that one of our cats does as well… actually Ogden (that’s his name) is still a growing kitten but he goes with us for the entire walk!!! We are wondering if he is really a puppy at heart! 😀

He’s just about as cute as Miss Emily! 😉


5 thoughts on “Taking the Cat for a Walk?

  1. I love this post. I live in the city, but my cats like to walk also. Only they need to be leashed before we can go out. People take a double take when we get close enough to realize, no, it is not a small dog. My cats have always been 20# bruisers.

    I am writing your review as I write this. How’s that for multi-tasking, and I only have the one laptop. I wish I had known about your contest for the Miss Emily illustration. I would have been in kitty heaven having that for inspiration as I write each day. I also hate giving your book up to the local library, a thought I had only one other time.

    Crud, I missed by self appointed midnight deadline. Check in one hour and it will be there. Nothing to worry about, unless 5 stars is not enough for ya’.

    1. Hi Sue, I’ve just been catching up on all our blog posts and was touched that you hate giving up our book. So Micheline and I wanted to send you a little “thank you” for taking the time to both read and review our book –especially since this is not something you’ve been paid to do. Please let us know when it arrives 🙂

      Thanks again for your awesome review! Cheers, Trina.

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