Taking the Cat for a Walk?

The forest on the back of our property has a trail that loops around and follows the fence line. This morning Shane, myself, Hannah and Hunter went for a walk in the forest. Obviously, our dogs LOVE to go for a walk but the funny thing is that one of our cats does as well… actually Ogden (that’s his name) is still a growing kitten but he goes with us for the entire walk!!! We are wondering if he is really a puppy at heart! 😀

He’s just about as cute as Miss Emily! 😉


5 thoughts on “Taking the Cat for a Walk?

  1. I love this post. I live in the city, but my cats like to walk also. Only they need to be leashed before we can go out. People take a double take when we get close enough to realize, no, it is not a small dog. My cats have always been 20# bruisers.

    I am writing your review as I write this. How’s that for multi-tasking, and I only have the one laptop. I wish I had known about your contest for the Miss Emily illustration. I would have been in kitty heaven having that for inspiration as I write each day. I also hate giving your book up to the local library, a thought I had only one other time.

    Crud, I missed by self appointed midnight deadline. Check in one hour and it will be there. Nothing to worry about, unless 5 stars is not enough for ya’.

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