Reading in Marysville

We recently did a reading at the Marysville Elementary school with the Grade 2 & 3’s – this was such an amazingly lovely group of kids. (Well… let’s be honest, ALL kids are amazingly lovely!) We had a heap of fun with them. The kids were thrilled and SOOOO full of questions! Trina is always so gracious, patient and calm with the kids – she is awesome! I’m obviously behind the camera again but I also get the chance to interact and chat with the kids after – which I LOVE!!! 🙂

Thanks for having us Marysville grade 2 & 3’s!!!!

~ Micheline

2 thoughts on “Reading in Marysville

  1. Oh my goodness I am in love with these photos. Thanks again for coming and thanks for taking beautiful pictures of my kids:)

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