Eternity Scarf Made From Re-purposed T-Shirts!

I ruthlessly purged my closet of old T-shirts and tanks this past summer. Initially I planned to trash them but surprisingly enough the big pile of holey, shrunken and shapeless tops was quite appealing! (I’m a sucker for colour.) I decided to recycle them instead. This is what I came up with > a funky hippie-ish eternity scarf. 🙂Scarf_0001First I cut up my old Tees into 18 various 7.5″ squares.Scarf_0003I used colourful thread and a regular sewing machine to sew the 18 squares together in an eternity shape (see pics below).Scarf_0004Because T-shirts knits don’t fray I left the edges unfinished for a more hippie-ish look and alternated seams.Scarf_0006 Scarf_0007 Scarf_0008 Scarf_0009 Scarf_0010Fast and easy-peasy! It looks mighty spiffy once it’s wrapped! This would be a quick and affordable gift to whip up as well.

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