Exciting Things Coming in November!!!


I’m still working on three books simultaneously, so the going is slow, but I find it’s actually kind of helpful. If I get stuck on one project, I can shift gears and redirect my attention to another so I’m less likely to have extended writer’s block. I hope you’ll all love these stories I have in the works… as soon as I’m able to share them with you!


My arm is finally letting me create art again! I’m trying to take it slowly and not overwork myself. Doing a little bit at a time seems to be better than trying to push myself too much and then having another lapse. I hope to have more art to share with you soon! Some of the newest pieces are below and available in the shop now!


We Could Be Villains is finally out into the world! I have LOVED seeing everyone’s social media posts and reviews. It’s such a fun unique concept and I’m so glad it’s getting the love it deserves. Read below for your exclusive first sneak peek of Hayley’s book, including the title reveal!

These are just some of the new art pieces available in the shop!

Be sure to use a rep code to save yourself a little money!

The secret is out, Whimsies! The November YA book for @Unpluggedbookbox is our very own We Could Be Villains. They’ve pulled out all the stops for this book:

  • stunning foil on the hardcase
  • exclusive art on the inside dust jacket (art by me!)
  • digital signature
  • exclusive multi-color stenciled edges

Full boxes are currently sold out and on a waitlist, but the book-only option is still available, either as a subscription or a one-time purchase.

⚠️ Important Update for US Shipping ⚠️

Since the majority of shop orders are being shipped from the US now, I wanted to make you all aware that the United States Postal Service has temporary rate increases from now until January 22, 2023.

As a result, you may see a very slight increase in shipping costs on the website. These increases are very minor, under $1, and only affect Media Mail (books) and First Class packages. Priority mail and international shouldn’t be affected.

Exciting news, my whimsies! You all remember my assistant, Christina? Well, she’s going to be at Yallfest in Charleston, SC on November 11th and 12th with a sack FULL of Whimsical giveaways!

She will have postcard prints galore, including some of the discontinued Sarah J Maas art that will never be sold in the shop again! She will also have some older designs that we had made into stickers along with a few copies of The Rightful Bearer. Be sure to follow me on Instagram – I’ll share a photo of her each day so you’ll know what she’s wearing. If you see her, stop her and she’ll let you choose a prize from her supply of Whimsical goodies!

Hardcovers Are Here!!

That’s right! You can finally get hardcovers of ALL the Whimsical Publishing books directly from the shop (which means they’re eligible for rep codes!)

These editions do not have dust jackets – the design is printed directly on the hardcase. We are exploring options for dust jackets in the future, but for now, we are just THRILLED to offer this new option for our growing collection of books published by Whimsical.

Mark Your Calendars: Black Friday Sale!

There will be different deals and sales for the entire Black Friday shopping weekend. More details will be shared in a few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. Details will be shared in a separate newsletter, on here, and on Instagram and Facebook.


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