Smiley Faces in Random Places

Months ago while driving into town Hunter piped up, “Mom, look at the back of that truck, there is a smiley face on it!” It was true, the shapes and parts of the truck ahead of us formed a huge smiling face. My son was so inspired by this discovery that he spent the rest of that day searching for smiley faces everywhere. I told him that we should start a photo collection of his finds but like many things in life it was soon forgotten… However, the day before yesterday his memory was sparked, “Mom! Quick, come here!” When I got to him he was smiling down into his container of ice cream, “Remember when we found all those random smiley faces? Look at my ice cream!” This time I got a picture. RandomSmileyFace#1

So here begins our ‘Smiley Faces in Random Places’ photo collection.

Happy day, Micheline