Pencil Holder Craft for Kids

If you are like me – you didn’t get to go on holiday to Mexico for spring break – <big sigh..>.

A home based spring break might just induce a few – “I’m boooorrreeed Mommy…” – so here’s a fun craft to fill up an hour or so. ๐Ÿ™‚

You’ll need some ribbon of various sorts, a clean half-sized Pringles potatoe chip container, (that should fill an additional 10 minutes of time while they empty it ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), and a hot glue gun (you could probably use regular white glue as well – just give it lots ofย  drying time).

My daughter and I just used scrap ribbon and cording that we had around the house but you could certainly get fancy and buy ribbons that matched nicely.ย  You will need to wrap the ribbons around the container and cut to size.

Starting at the bottom glue the first ribbon – make sure the ribbon is pulled tight and the edge is up against the metal rim on the bottom.

Working your way up – keep ribbons tight together and tight around – feel free to overlap or even put one kind of ribbon on top of another. Always start and end your ribbon wrap in the same place so the cut ends meet at the back.

Once you have finished applying the ribbon all the way up cut another piece to cover over the ends at the back – this makes for a tidy finish.

Voila – a master piece! If you decide that you didn’t really want a pencil holder after all then you can easily use the lid and have it as a container to hold your precious items instead.

Happy spring break, Micheline