Our Crazy Animals!

We very happily live on a farm in Creston, BC. The other day the sun was shining and  so Micheline’s daughter, Hannah, decided to head outside for some relaxing quiet time. The following is what she wrote about her little adventure outside and it also includes some pics of our crazy farm animals – it was so cute we had to share! 🙂

It was such a nice day out! And since I had planned on writing out the lyrics of one of my favourite songs I thought, ‘Might as well go outside and hang out in the sun and relax.’   

I got out there with my pen, paper and iPod, I sat down in the grass not too far from my ponies. The kittens were playing underneath one of the blue pine trees and Nala – our dog – was hanging out as well.

I began to write the lyrics of the song and my pony, Bandit, decided to come and say hi. He was nibbling grass, creeping slowly closer and closer, (He thinks he’s pretty sneaky. 😀 ) I thought nothing of if until he shoved my shoe out of the way to get the grass underneath! He kept shoving either my shoe or my knee or my hand. Eventually I pushed his nose away and kept writing.

Then the kittens decided to join, they came up and rubbed all over me and one jumped onto my lap and was purring in my ear and rubbing on my arms as I tried to write!

And of course who should show up next but Nala!!! She sat down beside me and was licking my hand. So I stopped writing and sat there for a minute petting the dog, petting the kittens. And occasionally shoving Bandit out of the way, thinking, ‘Yeah. This is real relaxing.’

After a bit I began to write again. This time I tried to ignore the animals. One of the kittens was attacking my headphones, one was sitting on my lap and Bandit…well he stole my pen. I wasn’t too happy with him for that.

Sigh…but those are our crazy animals! They just love you to death!!
– Hannah 😉

This picture below is Hannah with her other pony – Babe.  Thanks for your cute story Hannah!

20 thoughts on “Our Crazy Animals!

  1. a small taste of what it feels like to be a parent!! As soon as you sit down to have some quiet time…it turns into “bug mom” time!! 🙂
    Fun story Hannah!

    1. Lol, I guess so!! Sometimes those animals drive me crazy! But it’s hard to stay mad at them for too long!

  2. Great story Hannah. I could see animals doing all that stuff . They love hanging out with us .But they can be miscieivious at times .

    1. i know! Sometimes they make me angry, but it’s so hard to stay angry with them…wayyyyyyyyyy too cute.

  3. Pets make everything more fun, even if they are being pesky, don’t they?! Fun story Hannah! 🙂

    1. yes for sure!! But Bandit was the really annoying one, shoving me out of the way, stealing my pen…Oh well. Animals are so loveable!

  4. Thank-you!! I know, that’s why they are so much fun to take pictures of!! I swear they actually pose!

  5. Who took those wonderful pictures? The close-ups are fantastic. i used to take photographs professionally and I know how difficult animals can be to get good pictures and close-ups. But yours are Fantastic! Wow!

    The story was written like a pro. Did you ever get your pen back? Or did Bandit chew it up? For me, it is usually a cat that takes my pen. Oh, wait, I don’t have a horse, only cats. Guess that explains that.

    Seriously a wonderfully funny, engaging post.

    1. The pictures were taken by myself, Micheline, and my daughter, Hannah. Thanks so much for you compliments. I have been a professional photographer for over 15 years… only just recently got out of the portrait/wedding business and begun doing Whimsical as well as another blog called Ordinary to Extraordinary – http://oeblogsite.wordpress.com/
      I’ll have to get Hannah to respond to the rest of your questions though as it was her story. 🙂

  6. Hey thanks!
    No, I managed to get my pen back (thankfully) but it has quite a few bite marks on it now.
    But they were driving me crazy. I was outside again today and even our chickens came running over to see what I was doing.

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