Under the Sea – Tissue Paper Craft for Kids

School is nearly over and summer is headed our way! YAY! The hope is that the sun shines all summer long but there is the possibility that you might experience a rainy day or two. So, Whimsical Publishing has created this fun summery craft for those rainy afternoons. This crafts includes free printable PDFs and requires minimal supplies. IMG_9901_SmallIMG_9879_SmallMaterials: Scissors, Paper, Coloured Pencils or Crayons, Glue Stick, Coloured Tissue Paper, and our Free Printable PDF Cut-Outs. (It’s also nice to have white card stock but it’s not necessary.)Mermaid_SmallOriginally I planned to only make the above cut-out page for this craft but my kids got in on the action and they created two more (below). Thanks Hannah and Hunter! 🙂Shark_Small Serpent_SmallYou can download these free printable PDF pages at these links below >

Sea Serpent & Treasure Chest

Sharks & Fishes

Mermaid & Dolphin

IMG_9886_Small IMG_9894_small
First, colour your printed pages. IMG_9895_SmallThen cut out your coloured characters.IMG_9881_SmallNext, randomly tear up tissue paper pieces and glue them onto a plain piece of paper. (I like to use white card stock because it is thicker and makes a nicer backing to glue the tissue on.)IMG_9888_SmallGlue the tissue paper on until the piece of paper is completely covered. IMG_9898_SmallLastly, take your coloured cut-outs, arrange and glue them onto your tissue paper ocean. IMG_9899_SmallIMG_9903_SmallIMG_9901_SmallHappy crafting and don’t forget to check out all of our other craft ideas as well!

~ Micheline

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