Whimsical is growing even more, my Whimsies!!!

If you follow me on social media you’ll know that it’s been my heart to grow my business enough to be able to start helping and supporting other indie authors and other artists. You all know that last year Whimsical signed our first author, McKenzie Catron, but now our family is growing even more!
So pleased to introduce you to Megan McCullough!!!

Megan McCullough wanted a superpower, so she picked up a pen and became an author. Living in Florida, the theme park capital of the world, only fuels her love for storytelling. When she isn’t writing, you can find her designing a book cover for someone else’s literary masterpiece, fangirling over the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or wishing she was at Disney World. Join Megan’s adventures through her Instagram (@meganmcculloughbooks) or at meganmccullough.com. (You can peek at some of Megan’s cover design work in the images below.)

Whimsical will be publishing Megan’s debut novel this year!!! I can’t give you the full details yet, but I can tell you that if you love superheroes, you are gonna LOVE this tale! Trust me, this story is AMAZING!

For those who’ll ask, yes, I’ll be doing the cover art together with Megan as a collab! Woot woot!!!

P.S. Have you always wanted to be a published author? Whimsical is still taking manuscript submissions at this time, all the information is here at this LINK!

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