Lelas and Cyprus – A Historical Tale From the Nine Realms

Have you heard of those who reside in the sea? No? Well, then I’ll tell you. There live in the oceans a wondrous people, the Erilene, mysterious and beautiful. Often mistaken for glistening sunlight against the waves, they live out … Continue reading

Charting Stars Book Cover Idea and Concept Art

Guess what!? First book is writtenΒ and headed to the editor! YES!!! Then after that it’s draw, draw, and drawΒ some more! Thought you all might enjoy seeing the edited version of our 1st book cover idea (not set in stone thought – this cover may certainly change), also attached are a few more concept illustrations. In the near future we are also going to share the prologue of our first book, some related short stories set within Charting Star’sΒ Nine Realms and even some free Charting Stars colouring pages! So stick with us!!!