COVER REVEAL! We Could be Villains!


So excited to share this cover reveal with you all. Author, Megan Mccullough and myself, Micheline Ryckman, worked for months creating this one and getting it just perfect. We are so proud of how it turned out and we hope you love it too! (Finger crossed.)

We Could be Villains is now available for preorder HERE in our shop and it includes, for free, all the preorder incentive goodies you see pictured (three postcard art prints, two double-sided bookmarks, and a signed bookplate). This book is available for preorder as the kindle version on Amazon as well. (Please note: preorder goodies are not included with purchases through Amazon.)

Here’s my review of WCBV:

Is it really possible for an author to mix superheroes (and villains), secret agents, theatre, and big screen, movie magic all into one novel?

Well, yes, apparently it is!

Mccullough does all of the above and more in her sci-fi, debut novel, We Could be Villains. And I think young adult readers, no matter their preferred genre, are going to love this tale! (I did, and I almost exclusively read fantasy.)

This story is the perfect blend of seedling romance, high-stakes espionage, and magical superhero escapades. You will be on the edge of your seat, maybe even biting your nails sometimes, but for the most part, you’ll probably just be glued to the pages because of the heartthrob supervillain, Ironfall. Yes, he’s hot. Yes, you’ll sympathize with him. And yes, you’ll probably fall in love with him.

Anywho, all that to say, GO, READ, THIS, BOOK!


Avoid spoilers. Don’t get fired. Defeat a not-so-fictional supervillain?

Seventeen-year-old fangirl Rosemary Collins lives for VIGIL & ANTE Studios movies. From action-packed superhero fights to sweet character moments, she’s here for it all. But in a real-life crossover no one saw coming, the fandom’s heartthrob supervillain, Ironfall, isn’t as fictional as the film studio wants her to believe. Beyond the glamorous red carpet lies the government’s most guarded secret: the movies are real.

Armed with a devilish grin and a wit as sharp as his knives, Ironfall needs her help, and refusing means he’ll kill her parents. Her only other option involves spying on him for the government’s secret superhero division. Suspended between fact and what she thought was fiction, Rosemary must join her heroes and create an impenetrable web of lies—or guarantee her parents’ safety as she watches the world burn at its adored villain’s hand.

Perfect for fans of pop culture and comics, WE COULD BE VILLAINS packs an entire cinematic universe into a book. Join Rosemary and the not-so-fictional heroes (and villains!) of the VIGIL & ANTE films in this imaginative science fiction where superhero battles equal publicity stunts, fictional characters become family, and the villain just might steal your heart.

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