The Rightful Bearer is HERE!!!

Each one of the books in this series is dedicated to a member of my family.

The Maiden Ship dedication reads: ‘For Hannah, this ship was constructed when you were born, yet did not sail until you were grown.‘ I started writing TMS shortly after my first child, Hannah, was born, but it got set aside when the busyness of being a young Mom took over. It wasn’t until over twenty years later, when Hannah was grown, that I picked up the story again, and it was the best feeling to be able to share the journey with her. She was the one who actually encouraged me to pursue illustration, which in turn led to writing. I owe her so much for helping me find my way here. <3

The Lion of the Sea dedication reads: ‘For Hunter, despite the struggles you face everyday, you get up again the next and bravely keep on living.‘ Like myself, my son has severe chronic health struggles. We are a constant support and daily encouragement to each other, but I’d say, out of the both of us, he is the bravest, kindest, and best. He faces things I couldn’t, he is a hero.

The Rightful Bearer dedication reads: ‘For Shane. I love you always, and forever, no matter what.‘ When our kids were small we’d always say this phrase to them at bedtime as we tapped their chest, chin, and nose. It was a nightly routine that became a family tradition, and now the words means a lot to all four of us. My husband is my everything, he is solid, good, loyal, and supportive beyond compare. I would not be where I am today without him. He is my heart.

These books, though I wrote them, belong to my family, and I hope that The Maiden Ship series’ voyage never ends. I hope it sails on and on, from family to family, to family, and maybe even becomes a special part of their own personal stories too.

All three books in this series are available as a signed paperback here in our shop, or available in hardback, paperback, and kindle ebook via AMAZON.

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