McKenzie Needs Our Help!

Whimsies! This is a Call to Action!


Please read all of this!

First, I want to offer my immense gratitude for the overwhelming response to the cover reveal and pre-order campaign launch of A Goblin of the Glade.

So far, we’ve reached 136 preorders which is more than ANY other Whimsical book in the first couple of days!

Not to sound ungrateful, but we are hoping for more. Read on to learn why…

For those who may not know, McKenzie Catron is suffering from a degenerative health condition, one that gets worse and worse over time, which gradually steals her body functions.

Most of you already know McKenzie is wheelchair bound because of her condition, but recently, she’s been experiencing stroke-like episodes, targeting her speech, neurological, and cognitive functioning. She’s also experiencing hand tremors, weakness, and migraines. All of this makes doing her job or being on screens nearly impossible.

Our hearts ache for the struggles McKenzie is facing… A Goblin of the Glade is something she has poured her absolute heart and soul into, but now marketing her book for herself is practically impossible.

Lucky for her, she has US, her Whimsical family behind her!

This is why we need YOU! McKenzie’s dream goal was to reach 600 preorders for Goblin prior to release day (November 28, 2023). And we really want to make her DREAM a reality. This is a feat, never accomplished by Whimsical before, but I can’t think of a more fitting first time than with our first author, the one who made Whimsical evolve from me publishing my own books, into helping other authors’ dreams of publishing their own books come true.

How can I help?

I’m glad you asked!

We are offering incentives for SHARING and PREORDERING this book’s preorder campaign! Preordering is amazing, but we understand, not everyone is financially able to do so.

But sharing helps so much more than you may even realize. Everyone has unique social circles, so by sharing, you may be introducing someone new to the Whimsical family! Literally EVERY share counts!

Everyone who shares any of the posts linked below OR shares info about A Goblin of the Glade’s release will be entered to win a paperback ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) of A Goblin of the Glade.

Christina’s cover reveal post
Whimsical’s cover reveal post
Whimsical’s ARC giveaway post

These links are just posts already created with all the info about the preorder for your convenience. You’re more than welcome to make your own!

ANY share counts – public accounts, private accounts, any social media platform. All you need to do is screenshot it and enter it HERE.


All preorders can apply to receive this FREE printable bookmark! The ONLY way to get one is to preorder A Goblin of the Glade in ANY format! (including Kindle!)

Submit proof of purchase in order for the downloadable bookmark to be emailed to you!



Since all preorders count toward the 600 goal, including the Kindle format, we’ve discounted the Kindle version of A Daughter of the Trolls to 99 cents until we reach our goal! This way you can read the first before the second!

Want to be one of the first to read and review AGOTG to help get the word out about its release? Request an ARC of A Goblin of the Glade.

PLEASE help us make McKenzie’s dream a reality! Her condition has significantly worsened over the past month and she is so heartbroken that she can’t take part in this launch campaign. When I tell you she has worked SO HARD on this book… it was truly a labor of love.

Please please PLEASE my Whimsies, help us make this book release a DREAM COME TRUE for McKenzie. It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life but just a few moments of your time could make a world of difference to a smart, beautiful, talented author.

If you read all the way to this point, I truly love you!!

With as much gratitude as I possibly have to give,

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