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This listing is for a 5.5” X 8.5” high quality paperback, print-cased hardcover, or a jacketed exclusive hardback book of the YA fantasy adventure novel, A Goblin of the Glade.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a preorder item and will not be shipping until November 28th, 2023. Any items purchased with it will not ship until that time.




Ten years have passed, but neither Primrose nor her sisters, Poppy and Posy, can shake the belladonna-soaked trauma of their childhood. Though the triplets have grown and are no longer captive, the memory of Black Annis’s iron talons and needle teeth still linger.

While Posy finds reprieve in studying with the Elder Mother and Poppy drowns her mental wounds in song and service, Primrose copes by traveling wherever the wind takes her. Much like her beloved half-brother Rush used to, she finds solace in seeking new havens. However, news of Sparrow’s dying mother draws Primrose home again, and she resolves to stay in the glade to spend one last Christmastide with the only woman she’s ever called mother.

That is until a shadowy Pooka appears with a message tangled in Fate’s red thread: a prophecy from the fabled Numina that threatens to upend the family all over again.

With only the suspicious, dark Pooka as their guide, the triplets must follow the Numina’s destined trail to a perilous mountain haunted by trickster spirits. But when their dubious quest delivers them into the claws of the infamous witch Baba Yaga, the goblin sisters are forced to face their childhood nightmares or let the world, and those they love, be forever consumed by darkness.

A Goblin of the Glade, the second book in McKenzie Catron’s “A Numina Parable” series, returns to all the beloved characters of the first book, and then some. Embark on a journey filled with sisterly love and unique companionship in this new high-stakes fantasy adventure reminiscent of Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales and European folklore.

You can pre-order the high-quality paperback, hardcover, or exclusive jacketed hardcover versions of A Goblin of the Glade right HERE. The first 200 orders will receive the three art print postcards, a bookmark, and a signed bookplate. (The Kindle version is also available for preorder from HERE).

Jacketed hardcovers include extra interior illustrations, a sneak peek at book 3, and a secret exclusive cover beneath the dust jacket.

Books purchased from Whimsical will always come with a signed bookplate.

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A Goblin of the Glade

Paperback, Hardcover, Exclusive Jacketed Hardcover

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