Imperfect Books



Price is shown in CAD. Exchange rates fluctuate daily, but the approximate USD price is:
Paperback – $8.11
Hardcover – $11.92
Jacketed Hardcover – $15.52

Discounted copies of Whimsical’s books due to slight imperfections from the printer. Read below for further details and select your choice from the drop down list.


These books are sold as is due to having imperfections from the printer.

These imperfections are minor and do not affect the ability to read the book whatsoever. Imperfections may include any of the following:

  • nicks, scratches, or other minor damage to the cover/spine
  • incorrect finish on the cover (glossy instead of smooth matte)
  • slight misprinting
  • uneven pages

Additional information

Imperfect Books

We Could be Villains (paperback), We Could Be Villains (hardcover), A Daughter of the Trolls (paperback), A Daughter of the Trolls (hardcover), The Maiden Ship (paperback), The Maiden Ship (hardcover), The Lion of the Sea (paperback), The Lion of the Sea (hardcover), The Rightful Bearer (paperback), The Rightful Bearer (hardcover), Charting Stars (paperback), Charting Stars (hardcover)

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