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Oh, Bother!

I do love classic Winnie the Pooh quotes (I’ve attached a few for you here) but I have to admit that I’m not the only one. My entire family and I tend to curse in ‘Pooh’.

“Oh, bother!”, “Stuff and fluff!” and “Silly old Bear” are common phrases used in our house as a response to just about everything –stubbing one’s toe, messing up, or having a bad hair day.

But I say “Tiddely Pom” and “Ha!” to anyone who doesn’t understand the power of Pooh in life’s critical moments! Perhaps there’s a better way of expressing oneself but –as Pooh has said himself, “perhaps there isn’t”.

And really, I think Pooh would approve of my family’s unorthodox expletives. After all, it was Pooh who pointed out that “It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?” (or oh bother, stuff and fluff, tiddely pom and ha!).

 It could be worse; we could be cursing in ‘Spongebob’;

“Oh, Barnacle”

“Holy Shrimp!”

“Tartar Sauce!”

However, despite the fact that these expletives don’t have the wisdom of a Pooh, they are short, easy words. And a couple of them could describe lunch… 😉

~ Micheline


It seems that Disney/Pixar has finally perfected the image of the strong independent Princess in their new animated film, Brave.  Why do I say that?  Well… this time she doesn’t actually have a PRINCE!

Don’t misunderstand – there are princes in this story but none of them are equal to this enigmatic Princess.  Part way into the film Princess Merida is fed up with watching her very “unsuitable” suitors compete for her hand, so, she sneaks into the archery competition herself and proclaims, “I am Merida, and I’ll be shooting for my own hand!”.  And much to the chagrin of her parents – she wins!

I am embarrassed to admit that this was the first movie my kids and I have ever seen in 3D whew – pretty exciting stuff for our little rural town!  (Which also explains why I’m quite behind the times in writing about this movie too… hah!  Things take a bit longer to get to our wee theatre.) 😉  Seriously though… delightful movie!  Plenty of scenes to make you and your children giggle and the story-line especially pleased me.  It was entirely unexpected – I’m applauding Disney/Pixar for taking a little of the predictability out of their newest fairy tale.

~ Micheline 🙂

Click HERE to see Brave’s official trailers.

SnowWhite & The Huntsman

Hey, it’s Hannah again, I thought I’d just share a bit about a song and a movie, both of which I really like . . .

I was with a friend a while ago and we were just sort of sitting around, and she decided to show me a song on YouTube by one of her favourite singers. I said okay, and she brought it up for me. I couldn’t believe it! The song was amazing, the singer was amazing! 😀

You can watch both the official movie trailer and the music video  – just click here!

In the background, behind the singer there was an entire choir, and a whole group of musicians as well. They had violins, cellos, trumpets, the whole sha-bang. But as the music started so did scenes from a new movie that was out in theatres, “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

The song fit so well with the scenes, the song was called, “Breath of Life” by: Florence + the Machine. She had been asked to make a song for the movie. I loved it so much I watched the video, then re-watched it, and re-watched it, (I swear I broke the repeat button) and eventually bought the song on iTunes! 🙂

My Mom wondered why I liked the song so much, and I showed her the video, after it was over she said, “We should watch that movie!” So we looked up on the internet if it was out, and the very next evening we were sitting in the theatre waiting for “Snow White and the Huntsman” to begin. I was so excited! After watching that music video fifty times I was finally going to find out what the movie was about!

It was a really really good movie. I loved the action, the fight scenes, the creatures, and the dwarves!! The storyline was great, and the evil queen was actually pretty cool. The huntsman was really good with an axe, and Snow White learned a bit about fighting from him.

At the end credits they played, “Breath of Life”. . . I actually started to sing a long! 🙂 If it weren’t for that song I would never have gotten to see the movie, it was actually the song that inspired Mom and I to go. And I’m so glad we did!!

You can watch the music video and movie trailer at the link I attached above. Who knows? Maybe after watching it you may want to see the movie too, I say go for it!! I would re-watch it again if I “had” to.  😉

~ Hannah

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Got Milk?

I’ve just returned from camping with the Halls and not surprisingly, learned a new trick to share with you.

In my last camping  post, Going Clean, I mentioned how we came up to the campsite on the heels of a pretty intense storm. Although our own home had been rendered powerless when we left Friday evening my husband, Chris, found it fully restored the next day when he came home to shower. (One of the awesome things about camping with the Halls –aside from hanging with them—is that we’re only about ten minutes from the house, even though it feels like we’re in the middle of nowhere.)

Not everyone in town was as fortunate as we were when it came to getting their power restored. At least that’s what I heard when I went to get ice, and again when I went to get ice, and again when I went to get ice… Every place I went had the same story; they were cleaned out by people without electricity who needed to keep their fridges and freezers cold.

When I went back to the campsite without ice for any of the coolers I thought we’d be drinking warm water and juice (which is especially gross if it’s apple juice…). I needn’t have worried; my resourceful camping guru Sheila, sent her husband, Dan, home to get ice from their freezer.

How to Build milk Jug Igloo by squidoo.com

What he came back with was brilliant. It was a two-litre plastic milk jug full of frozen water –in essence, a block of ice.  Apparently they always have a couple of these in their freezer for emergencies. Not only are they great for the cooler but in the case of a power outage you just place one in yer fridge, keep the other in yer freezer and you won’t have to worry about your food spoiling. Best of all, you won’t waste time running around town looking for sold out ice!

With the images attached here there are some really cool websites on milk carton crafts –from beautiful butterfly window ornaments and a full-size children’s igloo to an honest-to-goodness Star Wars Stormtrooper Halloween mask. Incredible!

Milk Jug Decorative Window Crafts by Alphamom.com
Milk Jug Storm Trooper Helmet by filthwizardry.com