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We are so glad you dropped by! These free colouring pages are created by Whimsical Publishing for your enjoyment! Just scroll on down, right click on the images you wish to download and print and save to your device. We sincerely want to continue to offer free colouring pages so please be considerate and adhere to copyright laws: You have permission to print and colour these files as many times as you like but they are intended for personal use only. You do not have permission to use these files commercially. Thus, you cannot sell, share or distribute these files in either print or digital form without written consent from Whimsical Publishing. All copyright remains with © Whimsical Publishing 2018.

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42 thoughts on “Free Colouring Pages

  1. Very cute. I would be interested in the book. As my oldest grand daughter’s name is Emily. I often by then children’s stories even though she will be 18. I think the smaller stories make them take a second look…and then wonder Why? did Grammy do that. So they read it any way and usually it is the gift they talk about the most. Besides the books have some answers they did not expect.So maybe,just maybe it will make them think.And to think out side the box. To be a leader and not care what others think so much. But to be themself, to be happy,,,I think little stories are gems from life that others write down, I wrote that kind of story but sadly no one wanted to look at it . I may try to publish again one day until then I just look. And buy the ones I want./books are awesome gifts.

    1. I really love these Gorgeous whimsical illustrations but don`t know how to print these, are they FREE or whe have to purchase the book «please ???? Ty.

      1. Hi Sylvie, yes they are free just right click on the image and ‘save as’ to your computer and then print from there. 🙂

        1. Thank You so much, i`ve print them withouth any problems by follow your great advices so Big ThaNK`S for your kind help to me, i really lovem these Gorgeous illustrations and i will go at Etsy to see your Emily Book. Thank`s for these wonderful Free images to color do whe recieved some more whimsical Free image to print in the Future because as i`m new i don`t really know how that Publishers worked and i reach your Fantastic web-site by accident by click on a photo to Printerest what a Fantastic chance LOL!
          Have a wonderful Day Micheline xx

    1. Cindy! One day I would really like to do that actually – I have always wanted to make coloring books for kids! I promise to announce it loud and clear here when we put one together! Thanks so much for your comment!

      1. Would love if you could find the time to do a Fairies coloring book lots of Fantasy and magical scene with Mushrooms trehouses and lovely creatures as well LOL! Pleaselet me know if you do this book because i will buy for shure Micheline xx
        Have a wonderful Day!

  2. Thanks again Mish! I always print off a few of these beauties when I’m babysitting for my pals. The kids love the pictures…and I always their Mommas to look you up!

  3. I am 53 and have always loved drawing and have coloring books of MANDALAS. A local news Channel here in Sacramento, CA (NEWS10) published a short story including two of your pictures. I went onto Amazon and have since ordered a couple more really neat books so that I can continue with the art and relaxation of coloring since I am now disabled with Adult on-set Epilepsy. Thank you so much for the beautiful work you do. I have forwarded them to others and also put my finished work on my FaceBook page. Coloring can be very healing-blessings. And thanks so much. 💜

    1. Awe Lisa – I’m super encouraged to hear that our pages can be useful and enjoyable in this way. I’m so grateful for your comment and kind words!!! Blessings upon blessings!

  4. thank you so much for providing such wonderful pictures for my family to color. They come is handy on rainy days.

  5. Thank you for sharing such beautiful coloring pages!! I stumbled upon your work through a link on Daily Coloring’s Facebook page! I just have one question, it seems the majority of the Pingback links listed above take you to a “page not found” error, are they no longer active links? I was interested in the Fairy, Pegasus and Dragon coloring pages and they’re not accessible. Are they available elsewhere? Like in a book or something? I’d love to find them! Thanks again for sharing!!

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