Who’s ready for the next Whimsical exclusive classic?

Whimsical’s Classic Editions: Emma

Whimsical Publishing is delighted to bring you the next book in our Classics Collection – Emma by Jane Austen!

Both the dust jacket and hard case feature stunning artwork by Hillary Bardin and I created the graphic design of the cover. All preorders will include a complimentary bookmark.

Jane Austen’s Emma is set in early 19th-century England and centers on Emma Woodhouse, whose vanity and social status seem to make her believe herself worthy of meddling in the affairs of others. Her misplaced confidence in her ability to serve as matchmaker leads to romantic misadventures in this comical, witty classic novel.

This 5.5” X 8.5” high-quality hardcover, full-length novel has a wrap-around dust jacket, art cover on the inside hardback, interior illustrations & ornamentals, and a complimentary bookmark. PLEASE NOTE: This is a preorder item and will not be shipping until February 14, 2024. Click HERE to preorder!

Which classic novel should we include as the next in our series? Let us know and you could WIN your copy of Emma! 

A Crownless Queen. A Cursed Prince. One Summer to Live.

Also as a bonus for my newsletter Whimsies, here’s a little sneak peek from our newest fantasy romance – Queen of Shifting Sands by Kaitlyn Carter Brown.

“Something in the desert, in the stillness of its deadly beauty, far from the confines and demands of the kingdom, undid him. Burdens lifted from his shoulders. If the cardant beneath him bore wings, he was sure he would take to the skies until he could see nothing but stars.”

Our cover reveal will be a smidgen delayed from our original target date but never fear! It’s definitely worth the wait!  In the meantime, here’s a glimpse of the two main characters – Elerek and Lystra – illustrated by Hannah Rogers.

And for fans of Into the Churn…

It’s true!!! Book two is coming!!! And we get to have MORE of Ezren Hart and Foster Sterling!!! WOOT WOOT! Hayley handed over the manuscript to me just the other day and development edits have begun! I’ve only just read the beginning of this new tale and I’m already swooning over this couple again! Eeeeekkkk! I can’t wait for you to all have this!!!

And guess what?!

We are doing a cover rebrand for both books and it’s gonna be sooooooooo AMAZING! We’ll hopefully reveal the cover artist to you soon! (Pssst… for those who love this original cover, don’t worry, there will be a cover for book two that matches this one as well—we’d never leave ya hanging like that.)

Stay tuned for more info soon!

I hope this email brought you a smile! Remember, you can always reply to share your thoughts or just say hi! I love hearing from you!

With love,


It’s here!!! SO EXCITED!!!

Hello my Whimsies, Micheline here!

Charting Stars is officially out and about in the world!!! So excited for you to read this tale. I had one of my ARC readers say that I had created a new genre with this book–FEEL-GOOD FANTASY–I love that! It’s exactly what I wanted to create!

Charting Stars began as a graphic novel series years ago, but due to unforeseen circumstances, an injury, and serious chronic health problems, I was unable to continue. It was devastating; I loved the story and the characters so much, but I just couldn’t draw while I was so injured and ill. Hence, during that time, I turned to writing as my primary creative outlet, it was something I could actually do from my bed, and it wasn’t until after I wrote my debut novel, The Maiden Ship, that I started to imagine continuing the Charting Stars tales in a full novel versions instead. So, as my health recovered to more functional levels, I began plucking away at this story again, and over the course of 2019 and 2020, I wrote this book. What I want people to know the most about this story is that, like me, it got a second chance at life, and I poured every single ounce of gratitude I had for being alive and functioning into this tale. I filled it with my joy, imbued it with my humour, and I’m desperately hoping—honestly it’s all I care about—that it makes you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Yep, that’s my only goal with this one, to bring you JOY!

If you haven’t already, you can order the book through my website here or on Amazon around the world.

Charting Stars is the first book in a spirited, heartfelt young adult fantasy series by Micheline Ryckman that will appeal to the minds of those who’ve always felt, well, ordinary. Talia’s adventures prove that even an average everyday girl can have skills enough to be a hero. And she’s joined on her journey by a lovable cast of characters—some human, some furry, some covered in ivy vines—who will steal your heart away.