Marble Game – Craft for Kids! Easy!

My kids actually came up with this idea – somewhere – years ago – and they still seem to make a new model every few months or so. 🙂

It is super easy and requires mostly average household items.

As you can see above you only need the following supplies;

– Marbles

– Empty kleenex box

– Scissors

– Tape and/or glue

– Construction or decorative craft paper

– Our printable PDF for numbering – click here to download >>> Numbers Printable Page

Step 1: Cut off the top of the Kleenex box as shown above.

Step 2: Cover the box with decorative/construction paper using glue or tape – shown above and below. You can actually skip this step if you already like the design on your Kleenex box. 🙂

Step 3: Cut out numbers from our free printable PDF and glue to the side of the Kleenex box as shown in the two pictures below.

Step 4: Cut various sized openings along bottom edge of box as shown. Make sure openings are large enough for a regular sized marble to fit through.

Step 5: Set the game up as shown above – grab yourself an opponent and see who scores the highest!

Happy marble gaming!

~ Micheline

Summer to-do Charts! Easy FREE printables!!!

Every child cheers in victory at the end of the school year and then after about a week or two at home they begin to complain, “I’m boooorrreeed…” Ha ha haaaaaa! So, in response to this complaint I create a summer to-do chart for my kids.  Some of the activities listed are chores and some are purely for fun. If my kids complete the chart before the end of summer then they earn a trip to an amusement park.

Although I have seen some pretty beautiful and crafty summer charts out there in the online world I tend to keep mine simple… Years ago I created these charts on my computer which I update (if needed for age appropriateness), print out and pin onto a bulletin board. It is a brilliant solution to “boredom” complaints and gives the kids something to work towards over the summer season.

I also created a sheet of colourful check marks which we cut out and glue onto the chart when a task is completed. I have provided 5 printable PDF’s for you at the end of this post. The ideas and work are all done – you only need to print them off, pin them up, have your child cut out the check marks and then your summer-to-do charts are ready to go! Easy-peasy! 😉

Click each of the links below to download the free printable summer to-do charts and check mark pages >>>

Summer to-do chart_Page1

Summer to-do chart_Page2

Summer to-do chart_Page3

Summer to-do chart_Page4

Checkmark Page

I hope you and your kids enjoy! 😀


Kid’s Paper Puppet Craft – Big Mouth Critters!

Over the years my kids and I, Micheline, have done so many crafts together and I’m super excited to share some of them with you here. This paper puppet style craft has always been a hit – especially with my son. He makes them over and over again just so he can create another funny creature. The best thing about this craft is that all you need is some 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper (the same size you use in your regular home printer) and some crayons or markers. The rest is kinda like folding an airplane. 🙂

Hannah and Hunter worked hard with me to create these sweet critters you see pictured here!

I hope you enjoy, Micheline 🙂

You can download the free printable PDF instructions by clicking here >>> Big Mouth Critter Craft Instructions