Butterfly Mobile! Fun Kid’s Craft!

This morning we woke up to nearly 4 inches of snow in our neck of the woods! Craziness!!! So my daughter, Hannah, and I decided that we should post a fun SPRING craft for you all – we worked hard on it this morning and we hope it brings you a bit of warm indoor fun today.  🙂

Here’s what you’ll need;

– Scissors – Clear Mac-Tac – Three sheets of colourful construction or scraping paper – Sparkles – Tape – 3 straws – 90 cm/35.5 in of ribbon – Three craft beads.

And our three printable butterfly templates – click on PDF files below to download and print each one >>>

Big butterfly template

Medium butterfly template

Small butterfly template

Cut out butterfly templates and then cut two butterflies out of each colour of paper.

Then cut a sheet of the clear Mac-Tac to fit butterflies.

Peel cut Mac-Tac sheets and stick first side of the butterfly right-side down onto the sticky side of Mac-Tac.

With sticky side up sprinkle sparkles into the center of the butterfly.

Lay second butterfly cut out on top of the first and then apply another sheet of clear Mac-Tac on top – sticky sides together.

Cut around the outside edge of the butterfly being sure to leave some Mac-Tac around the edge so that the butterfly sticks together.

Finish the next two butterflies in the same fashion.

Once all three butterflies are finished cut straws as shown below >>>

With clear scotch tape adhere straws to center of each butterfly.

Then take cut ribbon and tie a large enough knot at bottom to hold first bead.

After first bead is on – string ribbon through the straw on the largest butterfly.

In equal lengths up ribbon – tie knots – add bead and butterfly – as pictured below >>>

Then hang and enjoy! Hopefully hanging these little butterflies will make you feel like spring is coming soon!


Kid’s Paper Puppet Craft – Big Mouth Critters!

Over the years my kids and I, Micheline, have done so many crafts together and I’m super excited to share some of them with you here. This paper puppet style craft has always been a hit – especially with my son. He makes them over and over again just so he can create another funny creature. The best thing about this craft is that all you need is some 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper (the same size you use in your regular home printer) and some crayons or markers. The rest is kinda like folding an airplane. 🙂

Hannah and Hunter worked hard with me to create these sweet critters you see pictured here!

I hope you enjoy, Micheline 🙂

You can download the free printable PDF instructions by clicking here >>> Big Mouth Critter Craft Instructions