Pretty Flower Hair Elastic – Craft

This is a super easy craft to make with your kids – it’s also an especially nice way to use up scrap felt or even other scrap fabrics!

What you need;

– scissors

– needle & thread

– paper

– hair elastics

– felt fabric in various colors

Flower Template<<<please click here to download free flower template.

First cut out paper flower template and use this as a guide to cut felt flowers and flower centers.

Arrange flowers as shown above and sew through all three layers into the hair elastic – as shown below >>>

It’s as simple as that! I hope you enjoy!!!

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Butterfly Mobile! Fun Kid’s Craft!

This morning we woke up to nearly 4 inches of snow in our neck of the woods! Craziness!!! So my daughter, Hannah, and I decided that we should post a fun SPRING craft for you all – we worked hard on it this morning and we hope it brings you a bit of warm indoor fun today.  🙂

Here’s what you’ll need;

– Scissors – Clear Mac-Tac – Three sheets of colourful construction or scraping paper – Sparkles – Tape – 3 straws – 90 cm/35.5 in of ribbon – Three craft beads.

And our three printable butterfly templates – click on PDF files below to download and print each one >>>

Big butterfly template

Medium butterfly template

Small butterfly template

Cut out butterfly templates and then cut two butterflies out of each colour of paper.

Then cut a sheet of the clear Mac-Tac to fit butterflies.

Peel cut Mac-Tac sheets and stick first side of the butterfly right-side down onto the sticky side of Mac-Tac.

With sticky side up sprinkle sparkles into the center of the butterfly.

Lay second butterfly cut out on top of the first and then apply another sheet of clear Mac-Tac on top – sticky sides together.

Cut around the outside edge of the butterfly being sure to leave some Mac-Tac around the edge so that the butterfly sticks together.

Finish the next two butterflies in the same fashion.

Once all three butterflies are finished cut straws as shown below >>>

With clear scotch tape adhere straws to center of each butterfly.

Then take cut ribbon and tie a large enough knot at bottom to hold first bead.

After first bead is on – string ribbon through the straw on the largest butterfly.

In equal lengths up ribbon – tie knots – add bead and butterfly – as pictured below >>>

Then hang and enjoy! Hopefully hanging these little butterflies will make you feel like spring is coming soon!