The Rightful Bearer (Book 3 of The Maiden Ship)



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This 5.5” X 8.5” high-quality paperback or print-case hardcover book is a YA fantasy adventure novel, The Rightful Bearer is the third novel in Micheline Ryckman’s The Maiden Ship series. As a sample, you can read the first chapter of this novel HERE!

Due to Micheline’s disability, she is not able to sign bookplates. All copies will be sent with a STAMPED signature on the title page.

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“Make peace with your past, lest it ruin your future.”

Dain Alloway has been tasked with finding the rightful bearer and stopping the oncoming invasion of the four kingdoms. But as he begins the journey, self-doubt invades first, and he finds his confidence waning—Dain is no longer sure he’s the right person for this job. Who is he to challenge an emperor and his monstrous creations? Who is he to stop a war?

Meanwhile, Sable Cortham’s talent has grown, and every new lesson brings her another step closer to becoming one of the most powerful adept in history. But wielding this kind of magic makes Sable a target. She’s begun to wonder, even if they can find the rightful bearer and stop the emperor, how many more villains will come for her power? Will the four kingdoms ever be safe for the adept?

Elden Grayspire has recently been rescued from a centuries-old prison of stone, and while he rejoices in his newfound freedom, he laments the fact that his beloved remains a prisoner still. Mourning the loss of so many things past, feeling lonely and helpless, Elden struggles to find a place in this new time and era. As he embarks on a secret mission against the very man who cursed him long ago, will he finally discover a purpose and a way to belong?

The adventure concludes in The Rightful Bearer! Join Dain, Sable, Elden, and the rest of the Maiden Ship crew in this final seafaring adventure.


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The Rightful Bearer

Paperback, Hardcover

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